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130XE Auto Artshow (198x)(Antic Software)(US)[disk].zip 117.91 KB
180! (1986)(Mastertronic)(GB)[cassette].zip 21.94 KB
221B Baker Street Case Library #1 (1987)(Datasoft)(US)[disk].zip 42.95 KB
221B Baker Street v1.0 (1987)(Datasoft)(US)[disk].zip 188.66 KB
3-D Supergraphics (1980)(United Software of America)(US)[cassette].zip 11.30 KB
3-D Supergraphics (1980)(United Software of America)(US)[disk].zip 36.37 KB
3-D Tic-Tac-Toe (1979)(Atari)(US)[cartridge].zip 3.28 KB
4 Star Compilation - Volume 1 (1987)(Red Rat Software)(GB)[a][disk].zip 73.46 KB
4 Star Compilation - Volume 1 (1987)(Red Rat Software)(GB)[disk].zip 73.36 KB
6502 Disassembler (1980)(Quality Software)(US)[cassette].zip 3.04 KB
747 Landing Simulator (1981)(APX)(US)[disk].zip 15.26 KB
810 Diagnostic Cartridge (1982)(Atari)(US)[cartridge].zip 2.13 KB
850 Express! v3.00 (1986-09)(Supra Corporation)(US)[disk].zip 35.73 KB
A.C.E. - The Atari Cassette Enhancer (1984)(Aackosoft)(NL)(en)[cassette].zip 4.79 KB
A.D. 2044 (1991-12)(L.K. Avalon)(PL)[cassette].zip 73.58 KB
A.D. 2044 (1991-12)(L.K. Avalon)(PL)[disk].zip 103.40 KB
A.E. (1982)(Broderbund Software)(US)[disk].zip 166.53 KB
ABC (1995)(Sikor Soft)(PL)[disk].zip 40.66 KB
ANALOG Computing #35 (1985-10)(ANALOG Magazine Corp.)(US)[disk].zip 46.14 KB
ANALOG Computing #36 (1985-11)(ANALOG Magazine Corp.)(US)[disk].zip 66.29 KB
ANALOG Computing #37 (1985-12)(ANALOG Magazine Corp.)(US)[disk].zip 42.39 KB
ANALOG Computing #38 (1986-01)(ANALOG Magazine Corp.)(US)[disk].zip 61.09 KB
ANALOG Computing #39 (1986-02)(ANALOG Magazine Corp.)(US)[disk].zip 93.52 KB
ANALOG Computing #40 (1986-03)(ANALOG Magazine Corp.)(US)[disk].zip 80.57 KB
ANALOG Computing #41 (1986-04)(ANALOG Magazine Corp.)(US)[disk].zip 87.01 KB
ANALOG Computing #42 (1986-05)(ANALOG Magazine Corp.)(US)[disk].zip 51.90 KB
ANALOG Computing #45 (1986-08)(ANALOG Magazine Corp.)(US)[disk].zip 66.08 KB
ANALOG Computing #61 (1988-01)(ANALOG Magazine Corp.)(US)[disk].zip 60.49 KB
ANALOG Computing #64 (1988-09)(ANALOG Magazine Corp.)(US)[disk].zip 71.74 KB
ANALOG Computing #66 (1988-11)(ANALOG Magazine Corp.)(US)[disk].zip 39.86 KB
ANALOG Computing #67 (1988-12)(ANALOG Magazine Corp.)(US)[disk].zip 59.54 KB
ANALOG Computing #68 (1989-01)(ANALOG Magazine Corp.)(US)[disk].zip 68.23 KB
ANALOG Computing #69 (1989-02)(ANALOG Magazine Corp.)(US)[disk].zip 55.30 KB
ANALOG Computing #71 (1989-04)(ANALOG Magazine Corp.)(US)[disk].zip 41.28 KB
ANALOG Computing #72 (1989-05)(ANALOG Magazine Corp.)(US)[disk].zip 57.13 KB
ANALOG Computing #74 (1989-07)(ANALOG Magazine Corp.)(US)[disk].zip 50.31 KB
ANALOG Computing #75 (1989-08)(ANALOG Magazine Corp.)(US)[disk].zip 74.94 KB
ANALOG Computing #76 (1989-09)(ANALOG Magazine Corp.)(US)[disk].zip 42.37 KB
ANALOG Computing #78 (1989-11)(ANALOG Magazine Corp.)(US)[disk].zip 48.55 KB
ANALOG Computing #79 (1989-12)(ANALOG Magazine Corp.)(US)[disk].zip 29.25 KB
Abenteuer im Weltraum (1984)(Atari)(DE)[disk].zip 44.94 KB
Abracadabra! (1983)(TG Software)(US)[cartridge].zip 8.06 KB
Abuse (198x)(Softsmith)(US)[disk].zip 45.84 KB
Abuse v2.9 (1981)(Don't Ask Software)(US)[disk].zip 44.49 KB
Ace of Aces (1987)(Accolade)(US)[a][disk].zip 56.84 KB
Ace of Aces (1987)(Accolade)(US)[disk].zip 58.47 KB
Ace of Aces (1988)(Atari)(US)[cartridge].zip 38.83 KB
Ace of Aces (1988)(Kixx)(GB)[cassette].zip 42.13 KB
Action Biker (1985)(Mastertronic)(GB)[a][cassette].zip 12.56 KB
Action Biker (1985)(Mastertronic)(GB)[cassette].zip 12.75 KB
Action Biker (1986)(Mastertronic)(US)[disk].zip 13.66 KB
Action Classics - Volume I (1987)(Activision)(US)[disk].zip 11.68 KB
Action Quest (1982)(JV Software)(US)[disk].zip 8.73 KB
Action! Toolkit, The (1984)(OSS)(US)[disk].zip 57.41 KB
Action! v3.6 (1983)(OSS)(US)[cartridge].zip 12.51 KB
Activision Decathlon, The (1984)(Activision)(US)[cartridge].zip 11.91 KB
Adax (1992-06)(L.K. Avalon)(PL)[cassette].zip 27.70 KB
Adax (1992-06)(L.K. Avalon)(PL)[disk].zip 33.93 KB
Advanced MusicSystem v1.0 (1982)(APX)(US)[disk].zip 71.58 KB
Advanced Pinball Simulator (1989)(Code Masters)(GB)[cassette].zip 23.39 KB
Advanced Protection Techniques (1986)(Alpha Systems)(US)[disk].zip 34.10 KB
Adventure 02 - Pirate Adventure v3.9.408 (1981)(Adventure International)(US)[cassette].zip 25.01 KB
Adventure Creator (1984)(Spinnaker Software)(US)[cartridge].zip 11.80 KB
Adventure in Time (1983)(Phoenix Software)(US)[disk].zip 24.33 KB
Adventure on a Boat! (1981)(subLOGIC)(US)[disk].zip 37.29 KB
AdventureWriter (1984)(CodeWriter)(US)[disk].zip 34.48 KB
Adventures 1-2-3 (1981)(Adventure International)(US)[disk].zip 36.76 KB
Adventures 4-5-6 (1981)(Adventure International)(US)[disk].zip 34.38 KB
Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai, The Rev 397 (1984)(Adventure International)(US)[disk].zip 77.00 KB
Adventures of Oswald, The (1982)(Program Design)(US)[disk].zip 58.25 KB
Aerobics (1984)(Spinnaker Software)(US)[disk].zip 105.12 KB
Age of Adventure (1986)(Electronic Arts)(US)[disk].zip 106.36 KB
Agent U.S.A. (1984)(Scholastic)(US)[disk].zip 28.86 KB
Air Rescue (1991)(Atlantis Software)(GB)[cassette].zip 11.22 KB
Airball (1988)(Atari)(US)[cartridge].zip 58.02 KB
Airstrike (1982)(English Software Company)(GB)[cassette].zip 5.61 KB
Airstrike (1982)(English Software Company)(GB)[disk].zip 5.90 KB
Airstrike II (1983)(English Software Company)(GB)[cassette].zip 20.35 KB
Airwolf (1985)(Elite)(GB)[cassette].zip 10.16 KB
Alchemia (1993)(Mirage Software)(PL)[disk].zip 41.41 KB
Alf in the Color Caves (1984)(Spinnaker Software)(US)[cartridge].zip 8.69 KB
Alfa-Boot (1994)(StanBit)(PL)[cassette].zip 51.10 KB
Algicalc (1981)(APX)(US)[cassette].zip 9.45 KB
Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves (1981)(Quality Software)(US)[disk].zip 27.33 KB
Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves (1982)(Quality Software)(US)[disk].zip 27.84 KB
Aliants - The Desperate Battle for Earth! (1987)(TDC Distributors)(US)[disk].zip 108.91 KB
Alien Ambush (1982)(DANA)(US)[cartridge].zip 3.29 KB
Alien Attack (1983)(ALA Software)(US)[disk].zip 15.54 KB
Alien Blast (1993)(Dean Garraghty Software)(GB)[disk].zip 56.67 KB
Alien Garden (1982)(Epyx)(US)[cartridge].zip 5.44 KB
Alien Hell (1981)(Syncro)(US)[disk].zip 11.17 KB
Alien Swarm v06 (1982)(Inhome Software)(CA)[cassette].zip 4.47 KB
Alley Cat (1983)(Synapse Software)(US)[disk].zip 39.13 KB
Alpha Shield (1983)(Sirius Software)(US)[cartridge].zip 3.03 KB
Alphabet Zoo (1983)(Spinnaker Software)(US)[cartridge].zip 13.82 KB
Alptraum (1987)(R & E Software)(DE)[disk].zip 146.31 KB
Alternate Reality - The City (1985)(Datasoft)(US)[a][disk].zip 328.23 KB
Alternate Reality - The City (1985)(Datasoft)(US)[disk].zip 327.94 KB
Alternate Reality - The Dungeon v2.0 (1986)(Datasoft)(US)[disk].zip 589.61 KB
Alternate Reality - The Dungeon v2.1 (1986)(Datasoft)(US)[disk].zip 311.85 KB
American Road Race (1988)(Silverbird)(GB)[cassette].zip 25.79 KB
Amoeba v3.0 (1982)(Atari)(US)[disk].zip 14.02 KB
Ant Eater (1983)(Romox)(US)[cartridge].zip 4.70 KB
Anti-Sub Patrol (1982)(Roklan)(US)[cassette].zip 9.36 KB
Antic Disk Version Vol. 3 No. 04 (1984-08)(Antic Publishing)(US)[disk].zip 40.09 KB
Antic Disk Version Vol. 3 No. 05 (1984-09)(Antic Publishing)(US)[disk].zip 42.85 KB
Antic Disk Version Vol. 3 No. 08 (1984-12)(Antic Publishing)(US)[disk].zip 31.60 KB
Antic Disk Version Vol. 3 No. 11 (1985-03)(Antic Publishing)(US)[disk].zip 37.18 KB
Antic Disk Version Vol. 3 No. 12 (1985-04)(Antic Publishing)(US)[disk].zip 40.16 KB
Antic Disk Version Vol. 4 No. 01 (1985-05)(Antic Publishing)(US)[disk].zip 44.11 KB
Antic Disk Version Vol. 4 No. 02 (1985-06)(Antic Publishing)(US)[disk].zip 82.39 KB
Antic Disk Version Vol. 4 No. 04 (1985-08)(Antic Publishing)(US)[disk].zip 45.33 KB
Antic Disk Version Vol. 4 No. 05 (1985-09)(Antic Publishing)(US)[disk].zip 36.80 KB
Antic Disk Version Vol. 4 No. 06 (1985-10)(Antic Publishing)(US)[disk].zip 34.77 KB
Antic Disk Version Vol. 4 No. 08 (1985-12)(Antic Publishing)(US)[disk].zip 51.62 KB
Apple Panic (1982)(Broderbund Software)(US)[cassette].zip 6.01 KB
Apple Panic (1982)(Broderbund Software)(US)[disk].zip 9.78 KB
Aquatron (19xx)(Main Street Publishing)(US)[disk].zip 14.67 KB
Arcade Bonanza (1985)(Keypunch Software)(US)[disk].zip 28.46 KB
Arcade Classics - Starfire and Fire One (1983)(Epyx)(US)[cassette].zip 13.49 KB
Arcade Machine, The (1982)(Broderbund Software)(US)[disk].zip 86.48 KB
Archiver and Editor, The v1.0 (1983)(Spartan Software)(US)[disk].zip 7.42 KB
Archon (1983)(Electronic Arts)(US)[a][disk].zip 31.46 KB
Archon (1983)(Electronic Arts)(US)[disk].zip 31.50 KB
Archon (1984)(Ariolasoft)(GB)[cassette].zip 18.83 KB
Archon (1987)(Atari)(US)[cartridge].zip 17.62 KB
Archon II - Adept (1984)(Electronic Arts)(US)[disk].zip 39.95 KB
Archon II - Adept (1986)(Ariolasoft)(GB)[disk].zip 39.93 KB
Ardy the Aardvark (1983)(Datamost)(US)[a][disk].zip 13.69 KB
Ardy the Aardvark (1983)(Datamost)(US)[disk].zip 14.06 KB
Ardy the Aardvark (1986)(Main Street Publishing)(US)[disk].zip 29.30 KB
Arkanoid (1987)(Hit Squad)(GB)[cassette].zip 19.91 KB
Arkanoid (1987)(Imagine Software)(GB)[disk].zip 19.38 KB
Around the Planet (1994)(Mirage Software)(PL)[disk].zip 29.75 KB
Artefakt przodków (1992)(ASF s.c.)(PL)[disk].zip 78.99 KB
Ashido (1990-12)(KE-Soft)(DE)[disk].zip 30.72 KB
Assembler Editor rev. A (1980)(Atari)(US)[cartridge].zip 6.47 KB
Assembler Editor rev. B (1980)(Atari)(US)[a][cartridge].zip 6.52 KB
Assembler Editor rev. B (1980)(Atari)(US)[cartridge].zip 6.47 KB
Assembler v1.0 (1980)(Quality Software)(US)[cassette].zip 4.40 KB
Asteroids (1981)(Atari)(US)[cartridge].zip 6.77 KB
Astro Chase (1982)(First Star Software)(US)[a][disk].zip 15.27 KB
Astro Chase (1982)(First Star Software)(US)[cartridge].zip 9.92 KB
Astro Chase (1982)(First Star Software)(US)[disk].zip 15.15 KB
Astro Chase (1983)(Parker Brothers)(US)[cartridge].zip 9.92 KB
Astro-Droid (1987)(Byte Back - Red Rat Software)(GB)[cassette].zip 15.32 KB
Astro-Grover (1984)(CBS Software)(US)[cartridge].zip 12.97 KB
Astro-Grover (1987)(Hi-Tech Expressions)(US)[disk].zip 45.56 KB
Astrology v1.0L (1982-04)(APX)(US)[disk].zip 23.67 KB
Astromeda (1986)(Rino Marketing)(GB)[cassette].zip 12.30 KB
Astrowarriors (1982)(Apogee Software)(US)[cassette].zip 6.02 KB
Atari 8bit Preserved Software 2019-02-03.dat 662.52 KB
Atari CX85 Numerical Keypad Handler, The (1982)(Atari)(US)[disk].zip 3.22 KB
Atari Cassette 02 (1985)(Courbois Software)(NL)[cassette].zip 27.39 KB
Atari Cassette 03 (1985)(Courbois Software)(NL)[cassette].zip 25.37 KB
Atari Compilation TX9043 (1987)(Atari)(GB)[cassette].zip 36.18 KB
Atari Educational System - Basic Electricity (1979)(Atari)(US)[cassette].zip 86.49 MB
Atari Educational System - Basic Psychology (1979)(Atari)(US)[cassette].zip 48.50 MB
Atari Educational System - Master Cartridge (1979)(Atari)(US)[cartridge].zip 1.61 KB
Atari Energie (1983)(Atari)(NL)[cassette].zip 7.61 MB
Atari Grafieken (1984-05-07)(Atari)(NL)[cassette].zip 20.97 KB
Atari Logo (1983)(Atari)(US)[cartridge].zip 11.62 KB
Atari Mini-Film Festival (1985)(Antic Software)(US)[disk].zip 81.17 KB
Atari Safari (1985)(Illusion Software)(GB)[cassette].zip 6.14 KB
Atari Schreiber (1983)(Atari)(DE)[cartridge].zip 11.32 KB
Atari Schreiber (1983)(Atari)(DE)[disk].zip 52.97 KB
Atari Smash Hits - Volume 1 (1984)(Aackosoft)(NL)[disk].zip 50.47 KB
Atari Smash Hits - Volume 1 (1985)(English Software Company)(GB)[disk].zip 50.55 KB
Atari Smash Hits - Volume 4 (1985)(English Software Company)(GB)[cassette].zip 59.27 KB
Atari Smash Hits - Volume 5 (1986)(English Software Company)(GB)[disk].zip 104.59 KB
Atari Smash Hits - Volume 6 (1986)(English Software Company)(GB)[disk].zip 87.37 KB
Atari Smash Hits - Volume 7 (1987)(English Software Company)(GB)[disk].zip 113.96 KB
Atari Statistieken (1983)(Atari)(NL)[cassette].zip 17.24 KB
Atari Translator (1983)(Atari)(US)[disk].zip 23.03 KB
Atari User Toolkit (1988)(Database Publications)(GB)[disk].zip 31.53 KB
Atari Vereinsverwaltung (19xx)(Atari)(DE)[disk].zip 74.14 KB
Atari Word Processor (1981)(Atari)(US)[disk].zip 42.07 MB
AtariArtist (1983)(Atari)(US)[cartridge].zip 11.10 KB
AtariGraphics (1984)(Atari)(US)[cartridge].zip 11.18 KB
AtariLab Light Module (1984)(Atari)(US)[cartridge].zip 10.50 KB
AtariLab Temperature Module (1983)(Atari)(US)[cartridge].zip 10.59 KB
AtariNet v1.0 (2015)(SlorSoft)(US)[cartridge].zip 6.32 KB
AtariTexte (1984)(Atari)(FR)[cartridge].zip 11.28 KB
AtariWriter 80 (1988)(Atari)(US)[disk].zip 297.25 KB
AtariWriter Plus (1985)(Atari)(US)[disk].zip 150.56 KB
AtariWriter Rev. A (1982)(Atari)(US)[cartridge].zip 10.60 KB
AtariWriter Rev. C (1982)(Atari)(US)[cartridge].zip 10.72 KB
Atlantis (1983)(Imagic)(US)[cartridge].zip 3.32 KB
Atlantis (1985)(Ariolasoft)(DE)[disk].zip 112.32 KB
Atomit II (1992-02)(KE-Soft)(DE)[disk].zip 32.75 KB
Atspeller v1.0 (1982)(APX)(US)[disk].zip 84.52 KB
Attack at EP-CYG-4 (1982)(Romox)(US)[cartridge].zip 6.80 KB
Attack of the Mutant Camels (1983)(Human Engineered Software)(US)[cartridge].zip 6.02 KB
Attack of the Mutant Camels (1984)(Llamasoft)(GB)[cassette].zip 6.99 KB
Attack of the Mutant Camels (1987)(Mastertronic)(GB)[cassette].zip 7.00 KB
AutoDuel (1985)(Origin Systems)(US)[disk].zip 170.35 KB
AutoDuel (1987)(MicroProse Software)(GB)[disk].zip 104.76 KB
Axis Assassin (1983)(Electronic Arts)(US)[disk].zip 58.85 KB
Aztec (1986)(Databyte)(GB)[disk].zip 33.39 KB
Aztec Challenge (1982)(Cosmi)(US)[disk].zip 9.47 KB
Aztec Challenge (1983)(Cosmi)(US)[disk].zip 11.35 KB
Aztec Challenge (1984)(Ariolasoft)(DE)[disk].zip 6.61 KB
B-1 Nuclear Bomber (1981)(Avalon Hill)(US)[disk].zip 22.38 KB
B-GRAPH v1.1 (1984)(Batteries Included)(CA)[disk].zip 134.07 KB
BASIC A+ v3.05 (1981)(OSS)(US)[disk].zip 99.69 KB
BASIC Rev. A (1979)(Atari)(US)[cartridge].zip 6.43 KB
BASIC Rev. C (1985)(Atari)(US)[cartridge].zip 6.46 KB
BASIC Utility Diskette (1981)(APX)(US)[disk].zip 21.86 KB
BASIC XE v4.1 (1985)(OSS)(US)[cartridge].zip 54.99 KB
BASIC XL Toolkit, The (1984)(OSS)(US)[disk].zip 68.33 KB
BASIC XL v1.02 (1983)(OSS)(US)[cartridge].zip 9.48 KB
BASIC XL v1.03 (1983)(OSS)(US)[cartridge].zip 12.28 KB
BBS Express! Professional v5.0b (1995-10-15)(K-Products)(US)[disk].zip 289.66 KB
BC's Quest for Tires (1983)(Aackosoft)(NL)(en)[cassette].zip 11.34 KB
BC's Quest for Tires (1983)(Sierra On-Line)(US)[a][disk].zip 15.55 KB
BC's Quest for Tires (1983)(Sierra On-Line)(US)[cartridge].zip 10.38 KB
BC's Quest for Tires (1983)(Sierra On-Line)(US)[disk].zip 15.55 KB
BLIS (1981)(APX)(US)[disk].zip 10.64 KB
BMX Simulator (1986)(Code Masters)(GB)[cassette].zip 21.87 KB
Baja Buggies (1982)(Gamestar)(US)[cassette].zip 6.90 KB
Baja Buggies (1982)(Gamestar)(US)[disk].zip 10.98 KB
Ballblazer (1985)(Activision)(GB)[cassette].zip 20.32 KB
Ballblazer (1985)(Activision)(GB)[disk].zip 32.49 KB
Ballblazer (1985)(Epyx)(US)[disk].zip 34.95 KB
Ballblazer (1987)(Atari)(US)[cartridge].zip 21.70 KB
Ballyhoo Rel 97 (1986)(Infocom)(US)[disk].zip 198.98 KB
Bandits (1982)(Sirius Software)(US)[disk].zip 53.49 KB
Bandits (1983)(Sirius Software)(US)[disk].zip 53.73 KB
Bang! Bank! (1992-09)(Mirage Software)(PL)[cassette].zip 30.84 KB
Bang! Bank! (1992-09)(Mirage Software)(PL)[disk].zip 42.53 KB
Banner Generator (1981)(APX)(US)[cassette].zip 2.22 KB
Bannercatch (1984)(Scholastic)(US)[disk].zip 21.59 KB
Barahir (1993-08)(L.K. Avalon)(PL)[cassette].zip 44.99 KB
Barbarian (1993)(L.K. Avalon)(PL)[cassette].zip 27.98 KB
Barbarian (1993)(L.K. Avalon)(PL)[disk].zip 40.61 KB
Barnyard Blaster (1987)(Atari)(US)[cartridge].zip 42.29 KB
Baseball (1983)(Inhome Software)(CA)[cartridge].zip 7.89 KB
Basketball (1979)(Atari)(US)[cartridge].zip 3.23 KB
Battalion Commander (1985)(SSI)(US)[disk].zip 32.18 KB
Battle Warp (1980)(West Coast Software)(US)[cassette].zip 3.94 KB
Battle for Normandy (1982)(SSI)(US)[disk].zip 33.18 KB
Battle of Antietam v1.3 (1985)(SSI)(US)[disk].zip 80.66 KB
BattleZone (1987)(Atari)(US)[cartridge].zip 24.68 KB
Battlecruiser (1987)(SSI)(US)[disk].zip 73.86 KB
Beach Head (1984)(Access Software)(US)[disk].zip 22.90 KB
Beach Head (1985)(US Gold)(GB)[disk].zip 25.27 KB
Beach Head II (1986)(Access Software)(US)[disk].zip 46.65 KB
Beach Landing (1984)(Weekly Reader Family Software)(US)[disk].zip 33.76 KB
Beamrider (1984)(Activision)(US)[cartridge].zip 10.96 KB
Beer Belly Burt's Brew Biz (1985)(Americana)(GB)[disk].zip 22.90 KB
Bertyx (1992)(Mirage Software)(PL)[disk].zip 39.39 KB
Berzerk (1983)(Atari)(US)[cartridge].zip 11.84 KB
Beyond Castle Wolfenstein (1984)(MUSE Software)(US)[disk].zip 39.69 KB
Bible Baseball (1983)(Davka Corporation)(US)[disk].zip 39.32 KB
Big Bird's Funhouse (1984)(CBS Software)(US)[cartridge].zip 13.25 KB
Big Bird's Special Delivery (1984)(CBS Software)(US)[cartridge].zip 9.87 KB
Big Math Attack, The (198x)(Softsmith)(US)[disk].zip 14.20 KB
Biorhythm (1980)(Atari)(US)[cassette].zip 19.80 MB
Birth of the Phoenix (1982)(Phoenix Software)(US)[disk].zip 19.04 KB
Bismarck - The North Sea Chase (1988)(Datasoft)(US)[disk].zip 77.92 KB
Bismark (1983)(Aackosoft)(NL)(en)[cassette].zip 9.85 KB
Black Patch!, The v1.1 (1987)(Computer Software Services)(US)[disk].zip 63.36 KB
Blackjack (1980)(Atari)(US)[cassette].zip 18.45 MB
Blade of Blackpoole, The (1982)(Sirius Software)(US)[disk].zip 55.58 KB
Blaster (1984)(Atari)(US)[cartridge].zip 12.33 KB
Blinky's Scary School (1990)(Zeppelin Games)(GB)[cassette].zip 23.17 KB
Blue Max (1983)(Synapse Software)(US)[disk].zip 20.16 KB
Blue Max (1984)(US Gold)(GB)[cassette].zip 14.84 KB
Blue Max (1987)(Atari)(US)[cartridge].zip 14.43 KB
Blue Max - 2001 (1984)(Synapse Software)(US)[disk].zip 41.69 KB
Blue Max - 2001 (1984)(US Gold)(GB)[cassette].zip 16.79 KB
Boing! II (1992)(ASF s.c.)(PL)[disk].zip 21.42 KB
Bomb Fusion (1989)(Mastertronic)(GB)[cassette].zip 8.71 KB
Bomber Jack (1991-03)(KE-Soft)(DE)[disk].zip 61.94 KB
Bond Analysis (1980)(Atari)(US)[disk].zip 34.27 KB
Bookkeeper, The v5.4 (1982)(Atari)(US)[disk].zip 87.20 KB
Bop'n Wrestle (1986)(Mindscape)(US)[disk].zip 89.20 KB
Boulder Dash (1984)(First Star Software)(US)[a][disk].zip 13.87 KB
Boulder Dash (1984)(First Star Software)(US)[cartridge].zip 9.22 KB
Boulder Dash (1984)(First Star Software)(US)[disk].zip 14.67 KB
Boulder Dash (1987)(Prism Leisure Corporation)(GB)[cassette].zip 12.09 KB
Boulder Dash Construction Kit (1986)(Databyte)(GB)[disk].zip 44.56 KB
Boulder Dash Construction Kit (1986)(Epyx)(US)[disk].zip 38.26 KB
Boulder Dash II (1985)(Databyte)(GB)[disk].zip 26.60 KB
Boulder Dash II (1987)(Prism Leisure Corporation)(GB)[cassette].zip 14.92 KB
Boulders and Bombs (1982)(CBS Software)(US)[cartridge].zip 5.91 KB
Bounty Bob Strikes Back! (1984)(Big Five Software)(US)[cartridge].zip 32.71 KB
Brain Strainers (1983)(Carousel Software)(US)[disk].zip 22.68 KB
Breakthrough in the Ardennes v1.0 (1984)(SSI)(US)[disk].zip 88.93 KB
Bridge 4.0 (19xx)(Artworx)(US)[disk].zip 18.11 KB
Bristles (1983)(First Star Software)(US)[cartridge].zip 11.44 KB
Bristles (1983)(First Star Software)(US)[disk].zip 22.80 KB
Bruce Lee (1984)(Datasoft)(US)[disk].zip 37.87 KB
Brundles, The (1993-11)(KE-Soft)(DE)[disk].zip 66.48 KB
Buck Rogers - Planet of Zoom (1983)(Sega)(US)[cartridge].zip 9.65 KB
Bug Attack (1982)(Cavalier Computer)(US)[cassette].zip 5.91 KB
Bug Attack (1982)(Cavalier Computer)(US)[disk].zip 6.36 KB
Bug Hunt (1987)(Atari)(US)[cartridge].zip 22.84 KB
Bug Off! (1982)(Adventure International)(US)[cassette].zip 7.22 KB
Bulletin Board Construction Set, The v1.3 (1985)(Antic Software)(US)[disk].zip 290.49 KB
Buried Bucks (1982)(ANALOG Software)(US)[disk].zip 10.81 KB
C'est la Vie (198x)(TDC Distributors)(US)[disk].zip 24.29 KB
CASDIS v2.0 (1982)(I.J.G.)(US)[disk].zip 5.26 KB
CPS Super SALT Diagnostic Cartridge (1983)(Atari)(US)[cartridge].zip 10.95 KB
Cannibals (1983)(Calisto Software)(GB)[cassette].zip 6.70 KB
Canyon Climber (1982)(Datasoft)(US)[a2][disk].zip 12.65 KB
Canyon Climber (1982)(Datasoft)(US)[a][disk].zip 12.75 KB
Canyon Climber (1982)(Datasoft)(US)[cassette].zip 11.93 KB
Canyon Climber (1982)(Datasoft)(US)[disk].zip 12.73 KB
Captain Beeble (1983)(Inhome Software)(CA)[cartridge].zip 8.99 KB
Captain Gather (1992)(L.K. Avalon)(PL)[disk].zip 22.19 KB
Carnival Massacre (1983)(Thorn EMI)(GB)[cartridge].zip 8.34 KB
Carrier Force (1983)(SSI)(US)[disk].zip 100.95 KB
Cassette 50 (1983)(Cascade Games)(GB)[cassette].zip 61.44 KB
Castle Crisis (2003)(Edewaard, Bryan)(US)[cartridge].zip 18.44 KB
Castle Hassle (1983)(Roklan)(US)[cartridge].zip 12.29 KB
Castle Wolfenstein (1983)(MUSE Software)(US)[a][disk].zip 78.95 KB
Caterpiggle (1982)(APX)(US)[cassette].zip 5.93 KB
Cave Runner (1983)(English Software Company)(GB)[cassette].zip 12.00 KB
Cavelord (1984)(Atari)(DE)[disk].zip 26.91 KB
Caverns of Callisto (1983)(Origin Systems)(US)[disk].zip 36.19 KB
Caverns of Eriban (1986)(Firebird)(GB)[cassette].zip 23.75 KB
Caverns of Khafka (1983)(Cosmi)(US)[disk].zip 14.90 KB
Caverns of Khafka (1983)(US Gold)(GB)[cassette].zip 6.79 KB
Caverns of Mars (1982)(Atari)(US)[cartridge].zip 5.76 KB
Caverns of Mars (1982)(Atari)(US)[disk].zip 5.80 KB
Centipede (1982)(Atari)(US)[cartridge].zip 4.60 KB
Centurion (1995)(Sikor Soft)(PL)[cassette].zip 29.20 KB
Chameleon CRT Terminal Emulator v4.02 (1984)(Antic Software)(US)[disk].zip 53.26 KB
Change (1992-06)(L.K. Avalon)(PL)[cassette].zip 17.80 KB
Change (1992-06)(L.K. Avalon)(PL)[disk].zip 23.13 KB
Chatterbee (1983)(Tronix Software)(US)[disk].zip 91.39 KB
Chem Lab Simulations #1 - Titrations v2.4 (1979)(High Technology Software Products)(US)[disk].zip 46.90 KB
Chess (1983)(Parker Brothers)(US)[cartridge].zip 6.56 KB
Chess (1985)(Atari)(GB)[cassette].zip 3.84 KB
Chessmaster 2000, The (1986)(Software Toolworks)(US)[disk].zip 56.20 KB
Chicken (1982)(Synapse Software)(US)[cartridge].zip 5.58 KB
Chicken (1982)(Synapse Software)(US)[disk].zip 7.44 KB
Chimera (1985)(Firebird)(GB)[a budget release][cassette].zip 22.76 KB
Chimera (1985)(Firebird)(GB)[cassette].zip 22.71 KB
Chop Suey (1985)(Antic Software)(US)[disk].zip 27.95 KB
Chop Suey (1985)(English Software Company)(GB)[cassette].zip 12.38 KB
Choplifter! (1982)(Broderbund Software)(US)[a ][disk].zip 28.34 KB
Choplifter! (1982)(Broderbund Software)(US)[a2][disk].zip 26.45 KB
Choplifter! (1982)(Broderbund Software)(US)[cartridge].zip 10.85 KB
Choplifter! (1982)(Broderbund Software)(US)[disk].zip 26.49 KB
Choplifter! (1988)(Atari)(US)[cartridge].zip 22.24 KB
Chopper Rescue (1982)(MicroProse Software)(US)[disk].zip 20.11 KB
Chronicles of Osgorth - The Shattered Alliance (1981)(SSI)(US)[disk].zip 32.57 KB
Chuckie Egg (1985)(A&F Software)(GB)[cassette].zip 12.07 KB
Claim Jumper (1982)(Synapse Software)(US)[cartridge].zip 7.53 KB
Classy Chassy (1984)(Clearstar Softechnologies)(US)[disk].zip 15.00 KB
Clear for Action (1984)(Avalon Hill)(US)[disk].zip 43.43 KB
Cloudburst (1982)(DANA)(US)[cartridge].zip 6.15 KB
Clowns and Balloons (1982)(Datasoft)(US)[a][disk].zip 11.68 KB
Clowns and Balloons (1982)(Datasoft)(US)[cassette].zip 11.96 KB
Clowns and Balloons (1982)(Datasoft)(US)[disk].zip 11.55 KB
Coco-Notes (1984)(CBS Software)(US)[cartridge].zip 3.96 MB
Code Breaker (1981)(Program Design)(US)[disk].zip 14.43 KB
CodeWriter (1982)(Dynatech Microsoftware)(US)[disk].zip 248.48 KB
Cohen's Towers (1983)(Datamost)(US)[disk].zip 21.03 KB
Colleen Music Compendium, The (1988)(No Frills Software)(US)[disk].zip 71.58 KB
Colonial Conquest v1.0 (1985)(SSI)(US)[disk].zip 36.78 KB
Colonial Conquest v1.1 (1985)(SSI)(US)[disk].zip 33.26 KB
Color Print (1982)(Datasoft)(US)[disk].zip 33.21 KB
Coloring Series I - Geometric Designs (1983)(Koala Technologies)(US)[disk].zip 55.25 KB
Coloring Series II - Crystal Flowers and Snowflakes (1983)(Koala Technologies)(US)[disk].zip 39.91 KB
Colossus Chess 3.0 (1985)(Antic Software)(US)[disk].zip 47.21 KB
Combat Leader (1983)(SSI)(US)[disk].zip 30.77 KB
Commando (1989)(Atari)(US)[cartridge].zip 52.97 KB
Compilation A (1987)(Atari)(GB)[cassette].zip 40.25 KB
Compilation C (1987)(Atari)(GB)[cassette].zip 62.59 KB
Computer Ambush v1.2 (1984)(SSI)(US)[disk].zip 39.93 KB
Computer Baseball v1.0 (1981)(SSI)(US)[disk].zip 82.92 KB
Computer Chess (1979)(Atari)(US)[cartridge].zip 3.62 KB
Computer Crosswords - Dell (1984)(Softie)(US)[disk].zip 39.79 KB
Computer Crosswords - The New York Times - Volume 1 (1984)(Softie)(US)[disk].zip 44.08 KB
Computer Football Strategy (1983)(Avalon Hill)(US)[a title screen][disk].zip 23.14 KB
Computer Football Strategy (1983)(Avalon Hill)(US)[disk].zip 22.13 KB
Computer Quarterback - 1984 NFL Teams Disk (1985)(SSI)(US)[disk].zip 13.61 KB
Computer Quarterback v2.0 (1981)(SSI)(US)[disk].zip 52.38 KB
Computer Title Bout (1984)(Avalon Hill)(US)[disk].zip 69.06 KB
Computer War (1983)(Thorn EMI)(GB)[cartridge].zip 8.91 KB
Computer War (1986)(Sparklers)(GB)[cassette].zip 9.99 KB
Con-putation (198x)(Softsmith)(US)[disk].zip 14.21 KB
Conan (1984)(Datasoft)(US)[disk].zip 82.53 KB
Conflict in Vietnam v231.00 (1986)(MicroProse Software)(US)[disk].zip 52.56 KB
Conflict in Vietnam v231.01 (1986)(MicroProse Software)(US)[disk].zip 52.35 KB
Congo Bongo (1983)(Sega)(US)[cartridge].zip 11.39 KB
Conquering Everest (1983)(ASP Software)(GB)[cassette].zip 6.54 KB
Constellation (1992)(L.K. Avalon)(PL)[disk].zip 39.54 KB
Controller (1982)(Avalon Hill)(US)[disk].zip 22.29 KB
Conversational German (1981)(Atari)(US)[cassette].zip 273.77 MB
Convicts, The (1992)(Domain Software)(PL)[disk].zip 19.35 KB
Cops n' Robbers (1988)(Atlantis Software)(GB)[cassette].zip 10.22 KB
Copter Chase (1983)(K-TEK Software)(US)[disk].zip 12.06 KB
Cosmic Balance II, The (1983)(SSI)(US)[disk].zip 28.33 KB
Cosmic Balance, The (1982)(SSI)(US)[disk].zip 33.04 KB
Cosmic Life (1983)(Spinnaker Software)(US)[cartridge].zip 3.99 KB
Cosmic Pirate (1989)(Byte Back)(GB)[cassette].zip 28.07 KB
Cosmic Tunnels (1983)(Datamost)(US)[cartridge].zip 10.17 KB
Cosmic Tunnels (1983)(Datamost)(US)[disk].zip 24.90 KB
Crack-Up (1989)(Atlantis Software)(GB)[cassette].zip 10.14 KB
Cracker's Tool 2, The (1986)(Self-Published)(DE)[disk].zip 28.60 KB
Creepers (1982)(Silicon Valley Systems)(US)[disk].zip 11.64 KB
Cribbage + Dominoes (1981)(Thorn EMI)(GB)[cassette].zip 14.94 KB
Crime Buster (1988)(Atari)(US)[cartridge].zip 57.61 KB
Crisis Mountain (1982)(Synergistic Software)(US)[disk].zip 32.77 KB
Crockford's Whimsy (1985)(Antic Software)(US)[disk].zip 15.80 KB
Crossbow (1988)(Atari)(US)[cartridge].zip 59.96 KB
Crosscheck (1986)(Datasoft)(US)[disk].zip 52.12 KB
Crossfire (1981)(Sierra On-Line)(US)[cartridge].zip 5.51 KB
Crossfire (1981)(Sierra On-Line)(US)[cassette].zip 5.94 KB
Crossfire (1981)(Sierra On-Line)(US)[disk].zip 12.00 KB
Crossword Magic (1982)(Softsmith)(US)[disk].zip 20.06 KB
Crossword Magic v4.0 (1985)(Mindscape)(US)[disk].zip 26.85 KB
Crusade in Europe (1985)(MicroProse Software)(US)[disk].zip 51.91 KB
Crush, Crumble and Chomp! (1981)(Epyx)(US)[disk].zip 48.39 KB
Crypts of Egypt (1994)(Mirage Software)(PL)[a][disk].zip 26.04 KB
Crypts of Egypt (1994)(Mirage Software)(PL)[disk].zip 51.88 KB
Crypts of Plumbous (1982)(Cosmi)(US)[disk].zip 12.84 KB
Crypts of Terror (1981-12)(Inhome Software)(CA)[cassette].zip 8.63 KB
Crystal Castles (1988)(Atari)(US)[cartridge].zip 14.70 KB
Crystal Raider (1986)(Mastertronic)(US)[disk].zip 15.09 KB
Curse of Crowley Manor, The (1986)(Prism Leisure Corporation)(GB)[cassette].zip 8.48 KB
Cut & Paste (1983)(Electronic Arts)(US)[disk].zip 35.97 KB
Cutthroats Rel 23 (1984-08-09)(Infocom)(US)[disk].zip 82.11 KB
Cyborg (1983)(Softsmith)(US)[disk].zip 95.25 KB
Cycle Knight (1986)(Artworx)(US)[disk].zip 37.51 KB
Cyclod (1982)(Sirius Software)(US)[disk].zip 23.02 KB
Cypher Bowl (1981)(ArtSci)(US)[disk].zip 19.20 KB
Cywilizacja (1993)(Mirage Software)(PL)[a][cassette].zip 23.91 KB
Cywilizacja (1993)(Mirage Software)(PL)[cassette].zip 22.32 KB
D-Bug (1983)(Electronic Arts)(US)[a][disk].zip 40.84 KB
D-Bug (1983)(Electronic Arts)(US)[disk].zip 44.48 KB
DOS 2.5 (1984)(Atari)(US)[disk].zip 21.13 KB
DOS XE Master Diskette (1988)(Atari)(US)[disk].zip 23.94 KB
DOS XL v2.30p (1983)(OSS)(US)[disk].zip 55.91 KB
DVC-65 v1.10 (1986)(Keyworks Soft Systems)(US)[disk].zip 38.89 KB
Dagobar (1992)(L.K. Avalon)(PL)[disk].zip 21.61 KB
Dallas Quest, The (1984)(Datasoft)(US)[disk].zip 105.08 KB
Dallas Quest, The (198x)(Rushware)(DE)[disk].zip 105.06 KB
Dance Fantasy (1984)(Fisher-Price)(US)[cartridge].zip 6.81 KB
Dandy Dungeon (1985)(Antic Software)(US)[disk].zip 54.28 KB
Danger Ranger (1984)(Microdeal)(GB)[cassette].zip 5.53 KB
Dark Abyss (1993)(A.N.G. Software)(NL)[disk].zip 39.94 KB
Dark Chambers (1988)(Atari)(US)[cartridge].zip 25.74 KB
Data Manager XL v2.31 (1985)(Antic Software)(US)[disk].zip 57.37 KB
Database 3.0 (1986)(AMJ Soft)(NL)[disk].zip 74.35 KB
Database 4.0 v4.3 (1987)(AMJ Soft)(NL)[disk].zip 79.21 KB
David's Midnight Magic (1982)(Broderbund Software)(US)[disk].zip 55.94 KB
David's Midnight Magic (1987)(Atari)(US)[cartridge].zip 25.67 KB
Dawn Raider (1988)(Atlantis Software)(GB)[cassette].zip 7.65 KB
Daylight Robbery (1988)(Atlantis Software)(GB)[cassette].zip 11.91 KB
Deadline Rel 18 (1982-03-11)(Infocom)(US)[disk].zip 82.62 KB
Deadline Rel 21 (1982-05-12)(Infocom)(US)[disk].zip 85.71 KB
Death Race (1987)(Atlantis Software)(GB)[cassette].zip 10.50 KB
DeathLand (1994)(StanBit)(PL)[disk].zip 32.86 KB
Decathlon (1987)(Firebird)(GB)[cassette].zip 13.19 KB
Decision Maker (1982)(Creative Software)(US)[disk].zip 14.69 KB
Decision in the Desert (1985)(MicroProse Software)(US)[disk].zip 45.04 KB
Defender Rev 2 (1982)(Atari)(US)[cartridge].zip 19.67 KB
Delta Drawing (1983)(Spinnaker Software)(US)[cartridge].zip 5.71 KB
Deluxe Invaders (1981)(Roklan)(US)[cartridge].zip 6.14 KB
Deluxe Invaders (1981)(Roklan)(US)[disk].zip 8.61 KB
Demon Attack (1982)(Imagic)(US)[cartridge].zip 3.58 KB
Desert Falcon (1988)(Atari)(US)[cartridge].zip 24.08 KB
Design Master v1.1 (1986)(PFP)(DE)[disk].zip 35.70 KB
Designer's Pencil, The (1984)(Activision)(US)[cartridge].zip 10.40 KB
Desmond's Dungeon (1988)(Alternative Software)(GB)[cassette].zip 7.03 KB
Despatch Rider (1986)(Mastertronic)(GB)[cassette].zip 9.20 KB
Despatch Rider (1986)(Mastertronic)(US)[disk].zip 10.37 KB
Diamond GOS v2.0 (1989)(Reeve Software)(US)[cartridge].zip 20.02 KB
Diamond GOS v3.0 (1991)(Reeve Software)(US)[cartridge].zip 23.06 KB
Diamond Mine (1983)(Roklan)(US)[cartridge].zip 11.82 KB
Diamonds (1983)(English Software Company)(GB)[cassette].zip 9.13 KB
Dig Dug (1982)(Atari)(US)[cartridge].zip 12.01 KB
Dig Dug (1983)(Atari)(US)[cartridge].zip 11.81 KB
Dig Dug (1984)(Datasoft)(US)[disk].zip 20.02 KB
Dig Dug (1985)(US Gold)(US)[cassette].zip 13.69 KB
DigiDrum + DigiSynth (1986)(2 Bit Systems)(GB)[cassette].zip 15.57 KB
DigiDrum + DigiSynth (1986)(2 Bit Systems)(GB)[disk].zip 49.20 KB
DigiDrum II (1991)(Gralin International)(GB)[disk].zip 31.92 KB
Dimension X (1984)(Synapse Software)(US)[disk].zip 77.60 KB
Disk Boot Maker (1981)(Computer Age Software)(US)[disk].zip 2.77 KB
Disk Cracker!, The (1985)(Computer Software Services)(US)[disk].zip 19.64 KB
Disk-Keeper III v3.2 (1987)(AMJ Soft)(NL)[disk].zip 21.97 KB
Disk-Keeper III v3.2 (1992)(A.N.G. Software)(NL)[disk].zip 18.30 KB
Diskette Librarian (1981)(APX)(US)[disk].zip 34.47 KB
Diskette Mailing List (1982)(APX)(US)[disk].zip 26.40 KB
Diskey (1982)(Adventure International)(US)[disk].zip 29.82 KB
Diskey (1983)(Adventure International)(US)[disk].zip 30.01 KB
Diskmaster v1.0 (1986)(Self-Published)(DE)[disk].zip 38.72 KB
Divex (1984)(Avalon Hill)(US)[disk].zip 21.43 KB
Dizzy Dice (1987)(Players)(GB)[cassette].zip 11.64 KB
Dnieper River Line (1982)(Avalon Hill)(US)[disk].zip 33.23 KB
Domain of the Undead (1989)(Byte Back)(GB)[cassette].zip 11.61 KB
Donkey Kong (1983)(Atari)(US)[cartridge].zip 12.31 KB
Donkey Kong Junior (1983)(Atari)(US)[cartridge].zip 12.89 KB
Draconus (1993)(Micro Discount)(GB)[disk].zip 37.65 KB
Dragon's Eye (1981)(Epyx)(US)[disk].zip 69.78 KB
Dragon's Keep (1984)(Sierra On-Line)(US)[disk].zip 45.26 KB
Drawpic (1982)(Artworx)(US)[disk].zip 19.55 KB
Dreadnaught (1990)(Byte Back)(GB)[cassette].zip 13.38 KB
Dreadnaught Factor, The (1984)(Activision)(US)[cartridge].zip 6.98 KB
Drelbs (1983)(Synapse Software)(US)[disk].zip 80.19 KB
Drelbs (1984)(US Gold)(GB)[cassette].zip 13.23 KB
Droids (1983)(TG Software)(US)[cartridge].zip 5.17 KB
Drol (1983)(Broderbund Software)(US)[disk].zip 61.35 KB
Drop It! (1993-09)(Sonix)(PL)(en)[cassette].zip 20.57 KB
Dropzone (1984)(Microdaft)(US)[disk].zip 27.31 KB
Druid (1987)(Firebird)(GB)[disk].zip 25.22 KB
Dsembler (1981)(APX)(US)[disk].zip 16.82 KB
Ducks Ahoy! (1984)(CBS Software)(US)[cartridge].zip 9.33 KB
Dunjonquest - Curse of Ra (1982)(Epyx)(US)[disk].zip 12.50 KB
Dunjonquest - Danger in Drindisti (1982)(Epyx)(US)[cassette].zip 5.46 KB
Dunjonquest - Temple of Apshai (1980)(Epyx)(US)[disk].zip 65.22 KB
Dunjonquest - Temple of Apshai (1981)(Epyx)(US)[cassette].zip 27.12 KB
Dunjonquest - Upper Reaches of Apshai (1981)(Epyx)(US)[disk].zip 12.88 KB
Dwie Wieże (1993)(ASF s.c.)(PL)[disk].zip 32.08 KB
Dynakillers (1999)(Video 61)(US)[cartridge].zip 40.27 KB
E Factor, The (1983)(Cosmi)(US)[cassette].zip 5.32 KB
E.T. Phone Home! (1983)(Atari)(US)[cartridge].zip 12.03 KB
Eagles (1982)(SSI)(US)[disk].zip 33.25 KB
Earthquake (1981)(Prism Leisure Corporation)(GB)[cassette].zip 8.58 KB
Eastern Front (1941) (1981)(APX - Atari)(GB-US)[cassette].zip 7.77 KB
Eastern Front (1941) (1987)(Atari)(US)[cartridge].zip 9.50 KB
Easy Reader - Reading Comprehension Skills 1 (1983)(American Educational Computer)(US)[disk].zip 50.38 KB
Easygrader v1.2 (1983)(APX)(US)[disk].zip 25.97 KB
EduFun! - Aliencounter + Face Flash (1982)(Milliken Publishing Company)(US)[disk].zip 26.16 KB
EduFun! - Battling Bugs + Concentraction (1982)(Milliken Publishing Company)(US)[disk].zip 27.78 KB
EduFun! - Jar Game + Chaos (1982)(Milliken Publishing Company)(US)[disk].zip 25.31 KB
Edumate Lite Pen (1984)(Futurehouse)(US)[disk].zip 23.67 KB
Eidolon, The (1986)(Activision)(GB)[disk].zip 54.39 KB
Eidolon, The v2.0 (1985)(Epyx)(US)[disk].zip 56.80 KB
Electric Starfish (1986)(Prism Leisure Corporation)(GB)[cassette].zip 4.59 KB
Electronic Checkbook, The (1983)(Timeworks)(US)[disk].zip 41.58 KB
Electronic Checkbook, The (1987)(Melody Hall)(US)[disk].zip 43.65 KB
ElektraGlide (1985)(English Software Company)(GB)[cassette].zip 19.37 KB
ElektraGlide (1985)(Mastertronic)(US)[disk].zip 24.58 KB
Elementary Biology v1.2 (1982)(APX)(US)[disk].zip 41.25 KB
Embargo (1982)(Gebelli Software)(US)[cartridge].zip 4.90 KB
Empire of the Over-Mind (1982)(Avalon Hill)(US)[disk].zip 16.79 KB
Enchanter Rel 16 (1983)(Infocom)(US)[disk].zip 169.97 KB
Encounter at Questar IV (198x)(Softsmith)(US)[disk].zip 13.35 KB
Encounter! (1983)(Synapse Software)(US)[disk].zip 89.25 KB
Encounter! (1984)(Novagen Software)(GB)[cassette].zip 23.94 KB
Encounter! (1989)(Atlantis Software)(GB)[cassette].zip 15.19 KB
Energy Czar (1980)(Atari)(US)[cassette].zip 7.13 KB
Enhancements to Graph It (1982)(APX)(US)[disk].zip 18.47 KB
Epyx Preview Disk (1983)(Epyx)(US)[disk].zip 99.92 KB
Ernie's Magic Shapes (1984)(CBS Software)(US)[cartridge].zip 10.11 KB
Escape from Doomworld (1986)(Red Rat Software)(GB)[cassette].zip 12.71 KB
Escape from Doomworld (1990)(Byte Back)(GB)[cassette].zip 10.00 KB
Essex (1985)(Synapse Software)(US)[disk].zip 397.65 KB
Eternal Dagger, The v1.0 (1987)(SSI)(US)[disk].zip 146.55 KB
Eureka (1992)(A.N.G. Software)(NL)[disk].zip 22.23 KB
Eureka (1992)(Mirage Software)(PL)[disk].zip 22.13 KB
European Countries & Capitals (1985)(Atari)(GB)[cassette].zip 6.31 MB
European Super Soccer (19xx)(Tynesoft)(GB)[disk].zip 23.77 KB
Everest Explorer (1981)(Acorn Software)(US)[disk].zip 22.12 KB
Excelsor (1986)(Players)(GB)[cassette].zip 5.08 KB
Exploding Wall (1989)(Byte Back)(GB)[cassette].zip 19.13 KB
F-15 Strike Eagle (1985)(MicroProse Software)(US)[disk].zip 29.60 KB
F-15 Strike Eagle (1985)(US Gold)(GB)[disk].zip 30.72 KB
FORTH (1982)(Elcomp Publishing)(US)[disk].zip 26.46 KB
FORTH Turtle Graphics Plus (1982)(APX)(US)[disk].zip 2.67 KB
FaceMaker (1983)(Spinnaker Software)(US)[cartridge].zip 5.05 KB
Family Cash Flow v2.0 (1982)(APX)(US)[disk].zip 27.90 KB
Family Finances (1982)(Atari)(US)[disk].zip 60.22 KB
Family Tree, The (1983)(Antic Software)(US)[disk].zip 31.60 KB
Fantastic Four vF-172 (1986)(Green Valley Publishing)(US)[disk].zip 172.17 KB
Fantastic Games #1 (1991)(User-Mag)(DE)[disk].zip 68.49 KB
Fantastic Soccer (1989)(Zeppelin Games)(GB)[cassette].zip 21.96 KB
Fantastic Voyage (1982)(Sirius Software)(US)[cartridge].zip 2.97 KB
Fast Eddie (1982)(Sirius Software)(US)[cartridge].zip 2.96 KB
Festival (1983)(Aim Software)(US)[cassette].zip 2.72 KB
Feud (1987)(Bulldog Software)(GB)[cassette].zip 31.10 KB
Field of Fire v1.00 (1984)(SSI)(US)[disk].zip 40.26 KB
Fifty Mission Crush v1.0 (1984)(SSI)(US)[disk].zip 38.40 KB
Fight Night (1985)(Accolade)(US)[disk].zip 85.34 KB
Fight Night (1986)(US Gold)(GB)[cassette].zip 38.70 KB
Fight Night (1986)(US Gold)(GB)[disk].zip 86.10 KB
Fight Night (1987)(Atari)(US)[cartridge].zip 43.35 KB
Fighter Pilot (1985)(Digital Integration)(GB)[disk].zip 33.53 KB
Fighter Pilot (1990)(Byte Back)(GB)[cassette].zip 25.07 KB
File Protector!, The (19xx)(Computer Software Services)(US)[disk].zip 8.05 KB
FileManager 800 v3C (1981)(Synapse Software)(US)[disk].zip 79.13 KB
Final Legacy (1984)(Atari)(US)[cartridge].zip 12.99 KB
Final Orbit (1983)(Sirius Software)(US)[cartridge].zip 3.07 KB
Financial Cookbook (1984)(Electronic Arts)(US)[disk].zip 42.38 KB
Financial Wizard, A v1.5c (1982)(Computari)(US)[disk].zip 86.46 KB
First Steps - The Graphics Tutorial (1984)(BAUG Software)(GB)[cassette].zip 9.63 KB
First XLEnt WordProcessor, The v1.0 (1986)(XLEnt Software)(US)[disk].zip 87.00 KB
Flight Simulator II - Japan Scenery Disk (1986)(subLOGIC)(US)[disk].zip 19.84 KB
Flight Simulator II - San Francisco STAR Scenery Disk (1986)(subLOGIC)(US)[disk].zip 29.05 KB
Flight Simulator II - Scenery Disk 1 v1.0 (1985)(subLOGIC)(US)[disk].zip 22.21 KB
Flight Simulator II - Scenery Disk 11 (1987)(subLOGIC)(US)[disk].zip 66.21 KB
Flight Simulator II - Scenery Disk 2 v1.0 (1985)(subLOGIC)(US)[disk].zip 17.38 KB
Flight Simulator II - Scenery Disk 3 v1.00 (1985)(subLOGIC)(US)[disk].zip 22.00 KB
Flight Simulator II - Scenery Disk 3 v1.01 (1985)(subLOGIC)(US)[disk].zip 21.00 KB
Flight Simulator II - Scenery Disk 4 v1.0 (1985)(subLOGIC)(US)[disk].zip 24.73 KB
Flight Simulator II - Scenery Disk 6 v1.0 (1985)(subLOGIC)(US)[disk].zip 23.03 KB
Flight Simulator II - Scenery Disk 7 v1.0 (1987)(subLOGIC)(US)[disk].zip 82.58 KB
Flight Simulator II v1.05 (1984)(subLOGIC)(US)[disk].zip 86.30 KB
Flight Simulator II v1.07 (1987)(Atari)(US)[cartridge].zip 65.50 KB
Flip and Flop (1983)(First Star Software)(US)[cartridge].zip 12.19 KB
Floyd of the Jungle (1982)(MicroProse Software)(US)[cassette].zip 11.92 KB
Floyd of the Jungle (1982)(MicroProse Software)(US)[disk].zip 20.62 KB
Flying Ace (1982)(Avalon Hill)(US)[disk].zip 17.95 KB
Fooblitzky v2R.B (1985)(Infocom)(US)[disk].zip 84.12 KB
Food Fight (1987)(Atari)(US)[cartridge].zip 18.18 KB
Football Manager (1986)(Addictive Games)(GB)[cassette].zip 12.48 KB
Forbidden Forest (1983)(Cosmi)(US)[disk].zip 13.71 KB
Fort Apocalypse (1982)(Synapse Software)(US)[cartridge].zip 10.48 KB
Fort Apocalypse (1982)(Synapse Software)(US)[disk].zip 41.74 KB
Fort Apocalypse (198x)(Green Valley Publishing)(US)[disk].zip 27.68 KB
Forth (1984)(Aackosoft)(NL)(en)[cassette].zip 7.23 KB
Fortune Hunter (1982)(Romox)(US)[cartridge].zip 5.94 KB
Four Great Games - Volume 2 (1987)(Micro-Value)(GB)[disk].zip 75.53 KB
Four-in-One Infocom Sampler, The (1984)(Infocom)(US)[disk].zip 179.74 KB
Fraction Fever (1983)(Spinnaker Software)(US)[cartridge].zip 4.92 KB
Frank & Mark (1993)(L.K. Avalon)(PL)[disk].zip 61.76 KB
Free Trader (1983)(Avalon Hill)(US)[disk].zip 60.88 KB
Frenesis (1987)(Mastertronic)(GB)[cassette].zip 6.41 KB
Frogger (1983)(Parker Brothers)(US)[cartridge].zip 5.84 KB
Frogger II - ThreeeDeep! (1984)(Parker Brothers)(US)[cartridge].zip 8.89 KB
Frogger v1.0 (1981)(Sierra On-Line)(US)[disk].zip 13.49 KB
Fun in Learning (1985)(Keypunch Software)(US)[disk].zip 25.03 KB
Fun with Art (1983)(Epyx)(US)[cartridge].zip 8.85 KB
Fury - The Wrath of Taljun Cathu (1991)(Aerion Software)(US)[disk].zip 62.82 KB
G.F.S. Sorceress (1981)(Avalon Hill)(US)[cassette].zip 21.68 KB
GATO (1987)(Atari)(US)[cartridge].zip 31.44 KB
GT Albert E. Spread Sheet v2.3 (1982)(Indus Systems)(US)[disk].zip 15.62 KB
GT Data Manager (1984)(Indus Systems)(US)[disk].zip 19.35 KB
GT Estate Word Processor, The (1983)(Indus Systems)(US)[disk].zip 11.20 KB
Galactic Avenger (1982)(Cosmi)(US)[a][disk].zip 5.24 KB
Galactic Avenger (1982)(Cosmi)(US)[disk].zip 5.94 KB
Galactic Chase (1981)(Spectrum Computers)(US)[disk].zip 9.22 KB
Galactic Empire v1.0 (1986)(Prism Leisure Corporation)(GB)[cassette].zip 13.39 KB
Galactic Trader v1.1 (1981)(Adventure International)(US)[disk].zip 11.90 KB
Galactic Trader v1.1 (1986)(Prism Leisure Corporation)(GB)[cassette].zip 11.90 KB
Galahad and the Holy Grail (1982)(APX)(US)[disk].zip 27.49 KB
Galaxi Barkonid (1991)(mhs-Studio)(DE)[disk].zip 18.89 KB
Galaxian (1982)(Atari)(US)[cartridge].zip 5.83 KB
Galaxy (1983)(Avalon Hill)(US)[disk].zip 16.79 KB
Gallahad (1992)(Domain Software)(PL)[disk].zip 34.41 KB
Gambler (1985)(Keypunch Software)(US)[disk].zip 36.56 KB
Gateway to Apshai (1983)(Epyx)(US)[cartridge].zip 11.57 KB
Gateway to Apshai (198x)(Value-U-Line)(US)[disk].zip 13.78 KB
Gauntlet (1985)(Mindscape)(US)[disk].zip 111.20 KB
Gauntlet (1985)(US Gold)(GB)[a][disk].zip 79.62 KB
Gauntlet (1985)(US Gold)(GB)[disk].zip 78.63 KB
Gauntlet - The Deeper Dungeons (1985)(US Gold)(GB)[cassette].zip 35.88 KB
Gauntlet - The Deeper Dungeons (1985)(US Gold)(GB)[disk].zip 40.20 KB
Gauntlet - The Deeper Dungeons (198x)(Mindscape)(US)[disk].zip 38.47 KB
Gemstone Warrior (1985)(SSI)(US)[disk].zip 52.10 KB
Genesis (1983)(Datasoft)(US)[disk].zip 21.92 KB
Genetic Drift (1982)(Broderbund Software)(US)[disk].zip 56.04 KB
Genie (1985)(New Horizons Software)(US)[disk].zip 15.00 KB
Geografia świata (1992-09)(Krysal)(PL)[cassette].zip 60.31 KB
Get Rich! - Real Estate Planning v1.0 (1985)(Continental Software)(US)[disk].zip 56.94 KB
Gettysburg - The Turning Point v1.2 (1986)(SSI)(US)[disk].zip 95.33 KB
Ghost Chaser (1985)(US Gold)(GB)[cassette].zip 22.15 KB
Ghost Encounters (1982)(JV Software)(US)[disk].zip 9.60 KB
Ghost Hunter (1981)(Arcade Plus)(US)[cassette].zip 10.91 KB
Ghost Hunter (1981)(Arcade Plus)(US)[disk].zip 19.06 KB
Ghostbusters (1984)(Activision)(US)[a no speech][disk].zip 30.36 KB
Ghostbusters (1984)(Activision)(US)[disk].zip 27.55 KB
Giant Slalom (1981)(Artworx)(US)[cassette].zip 6.17 KB
Global War (1993-09)(L.K. Avalon)(PL)[cassette].zip 28.40 KB
Global War (1993-09)(L.K. Avalon)(PL)[disk].zip 34.81 KB
Go (1982)(Hayden Software)(US)[a][disk].zip 11.53 KB
Go (1982)(Hayden Software)(US)[disk].zip 12.99 KB
Gold Hunter (1992)(L.K. Avalon)(PL)[disk].zip 19.34 KB
Gold Mine (1983)(Spectravideo)(US)[cartridge].zip 3.02 KB
Golden Oldies - Volume 1 (1985)(Software Country)(US)[disk].zip 89.73 KB
Golden Oldies - Volume 1 v2.3 (1987)(Software Toolworks)(US)[disk].zip 89.35 KB
Goonies, The (1985)(Datasoft)(US)[disk].zip 60.38 KB
Gorf (1982)(Roklan)(US)[cartridge].zip 7.97 KB
Gorf (1982)(Roklan)(US)[disk].zip 15.30 KB
Grand Prix Simulator (1987)(Code Masters)(GB)[cassette].zip 26.78 KB
Graphic Generator (1982)(Datasoft)(US)[disk].zip 23.89 KB
Graphics #1 (19xx)(Computer Palace)(US)[disk].zip 14.41 KB
Great American Cross-Country Road Race, The (1985)(Activision)(GB-US)[disk].zip 33.32 KB
Greatest Hits - Vol. 1 (1986)(Databyte)(GB)[disk].zip 62.25 KB
Green Beret (1986)(Hit Squad - Imagine Software)(GB)[cassette].zip 14.85 KB
Gridrunner (1983)(Human Engineered Software)(US)[cartridge].zip 2.77 KB
Gridrunner (1987)(Mastertronic)(GB)[cassette].zip 3.10 KB
Gry Atari XL-XE cz. IV (1993)(L.K. Avalon)(PL)[cassette].zip 10.09 KB
Guardian!, The (1986)(Computer Software Services)(US)[disk].zip 7.96 KB
Guderian (1986)(Avalon Hill)(US)[disk].zip 63.59 KB
Guild of Thieves, The (1987)(Rainbird)(GB)[disk].zip 233.39 KB
Guitar Wizard (1986)(Baudville)(US)[disk].zip 21.99 KB
Gulf Strike (1984)(Avalon Hill)(US)[disk].zip 77.77 KB
Gun Law (1986)(Mastertronic)(GB)[cassette].zip 18.06 KB
Gunfighter (1989)(Atlantis Software)(GB)[cassette].zip 15.80 KB
Guns of Fort Defiance (1981)(Avalon Hill)(US)[disk].zip 30.51 KB
Gunslinger (1987)(Datasoft)(US)[disk].zip 263.92 KB
Gypsy (1982)(Avalon Hill)(US)[cassette].zip 6.51 KB
Gyruss (1984)(Parker Brothers)(US)[cartridge].zip 12.13 KB
H.E.R.O. (1984)(Activision)(US)[cartridge].zip 8.23 KB
Hacker (1985)(Activision)(GB)[cassette].zip 23.50 KB
Hacker (1985)(Activision)(US)[disk].zip 39.28 KB
Hacker's Night, A (1990)(AMC-Verlag)(DE)[disk].zip 24.58 KB
Hackpicture Program II (1991)(A.N.G. Software)(NL)[disk].zip 46.47 KB
Halftime Battlin' Bands (1984)(CBS Software)(US)[cartridge].zip 3.80 MB
Halley Project, The (1985)(Mindscape)(US)[disk].zip 2.23 MB
Hangman (1980)(Atari)(US)[cassette].zip 12.84 MB
Hans Kloss (1992-03)(L.K. Avalon)(PL)[cassette].zip 19.72 KB
Hard Hat Mack (1983)(Electronic Arts)(US)[disk].zip 36.86 KB
Hard Hat Mack (1985)(Ariolasoft)(GB)[cassette].zip 18.60 KB
HardBall! (1985)(Accolade)(US)[a][disk].zip 31.05 KB
HardBall! (1985)(Accolade)(US)[disk].zip 30.69 KB
HardBall! (1987)(Atari)(US)[cartridge].zip 23.32 KB
HardBall! (1989)(Kixx)(GB)[cassette].zip 36.90 KB
Hardhat Willy (1983)(Inhome Software)(US)[cartridge].zip 10.40 KB
Haunted Hill (1982)(Swifty Software)(US)[cassette].zip 3.02 KB
HawkQuest (1989)(Red Rat Software)(GB)[disk].zip 153.75 KB
Hawkmoon (1993)(L.K. Avalon)(PL)[disk].zip 36.58 KB
Hazard Run (1982)(Artworx)(US)[disk].zip 18.46 KB
Head Over Heels (1987)(Hit Squad)(GB)[cassette].zip 36.16 KB
Heart Break (1988)(Atari)(GB)[cassette].zip 15.74 KB
Heathcliff Fun with Spelling (1984)(Datasoft)(US)[disk].zip 36.32 KB
Heavy Metal Art (19xx)(Antic Software)(US)[disk].zip 75.64 KB
Hellcat Ace (1982)(MicroProse Software)(US)[cassette].zip 12.16 KB
Hellcat Ace (1982)(MicroProse Software)(US)[disk].zip 26.49 KB
Hellcat Ace (1983)(MicroProse Software)(US)[disk].zip 25.30 KB
Henry's House (1987)(Mastertronic)(GB)[cassette].zip 20.71 KB
Herbert (1988)(AMC-Verlag)(DE)[disk].zip 70.79 KB
Herbert II (1989)(AMC-Verlag)(DE)[disk].zip 81.56 KB
Hey Diddle Diddle! (1983)(Spinnaker Software)(US)[disk].zip 65.28 KB
Hi-Res Adventure #0 - Mission Asteroid (1982)(Sierra On-Line)(US)[disk].zip 100.24 KB
Hi-Res Adventure #2 - Wizard and the Princess (1982)(Sierra On-Line)(US)[a][disk].zip 132.19 KB
Hi-Res Adventure #2 - Wizard and the Princess (1982)(Sierra On-Line)(US)[disk].zip 79.35 KB
Hi-Res Adventure #4 - Ulysses and the Golden Fleece (1982)(Sierra On-Line)(US)[a SierraVenture][disk].zip 129.96 KB
Hi-Res Adventure #4 - Ulysses and the Golden Fleece (1982)(Sierra On-Line)(US)[disk].zip 242.00 KB
Hi-Res Adventure #6 - The Dark Crystal (1984)(Sierra On-Line)(US)[disk].zip 261.60 KB
Hickory Dickory Dock + Baa Baa Black Sheep (1982)(Thorn EMI)(GB)[cassette].zip 11.51 KB
Hijack (1985)(English Software Company)(GB)[disk].zip 22.12 KB
Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, The Rel 47 (1984-09-14)(Infocom)(US)[disk].zip 86.79 KB
Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, The Rel 56 (1984-12-21)(Infocom)(US)[a][disk].zip 94.82 KB
Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, The Rel 56 (1984-12-21)(Infocom)(US)[disk].zip 93.65 KB
Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, The Rel 58 (1985-10-02)(Infocom)(US)[disk].zip 179.30 KB
Hollywood Hijinx Rel 37 (1986-12-15)(Infocom)(US)[disk].zip 78.43 KB
Home Accountant, The (1983)(Continental Software)(US)[disk].zip 87.56 KB
Home Filing Manager, The (1982)(Atari)(US)[disk].zip 8.57 KB
Home Financial Management (1982)(Thorn EMI)(GB)[cassette].zip 17.91 KB
Home Inventory (1981)(Creative Software)(US)[disk].zip 15.56 KB
Home Studio (1991)(A.N.G. Software)(NL)[disk].zip 75.32 KB
HomePak (1984)(Batteries Included)(CA)[disk].zip 110.60 KB
HomeWord v1.3 (1984)(Sierra On-Line)(US)[disk].zip 52.96 MB
HomeWord v1.3 (1985)(Aackosoft)(NL)[disk].zip 48.18 KB
Humanoid (1992)(Sonix)(PL)[disk].zip 34.73 KB
Hypnotic Land (1992)(Lindasoft)(IT)[cartridge].zip 7.95 KB
I.Q. Master (1992-03)(ASF s.c.)(PL)[cassette].zip 29.28 KB
IQ (1987)(CRL)(GB)[cassette].zip 12.50 KB
IRIDIS #1 (1980)(The Code Works)(US)[cassette].zip 7.43 KB
IRIDIS #1 (1980)(The Code Works)(US)[disk].zip 17.16 KB
IRIDIS #2 (1980-09)(The Code Works)(US)[cassette].zip 10.03 KB
Im Namen des Königs (1988)(R & E Software)(DE)[disk].zip 51.25 KB
Imagine (1992)(L.K. Avalon)(PL)[disk].zip 32.36 KB
Impersonator, The (1984)(Alpha Systems)(US)[cartridge].zip 57.63 KB
Impossible!, The (1984)(Computer Software Services)(US)[disk].zip 14.73 KB
Impossible!, The v1.6 (1984)(Computer Software Services)(US)[disk].zip 15.20 KB
Impossible!, The v1.7 (1984)(Computer Software Services)(US)[disk].zip 20.95 KB
Infidel Rel 22 (1983-09-16)(Infocom)(US)[disk].zip 69.77 KB
Infiltrator (1986)(Mindscape)(US)[disk].zip 81.98 KB
Infodiskette (1994)(Powersoft)(DE)[disk].zip 103.24 KB
Inny świat (1995)(Mirage Software)(PL)[cassette].zip 36.63 KB
Inside (1990)(Spektra)(PL)[cassette].zip 18.20 KB
Inspektor (1993-04)(Mirage Software)(PL)[cassette].zip 35.79 KB
Insta-Ledger (1984)(Cimmarron)(US)[disk].zip 66.57 KB
Instant Programmer's Guide, The (1983)(Koala Technologies)(US)[disk].zip 68.40 KB
Instedit (1981)(APX)(US)[cassette].zip 6.93 KB
Into the Eagle's Nest (1988)(Atari)(US)[cartridge].zip 16.57 KB
Invitation to Programming 1, An - Fundamentals of BASIC Programming (1981)(Atari)(US)[cassette].zip 96.82 MB
Invitation to Programming, An (1985)(Atari)(GB)[cassette].zip 87.00 MB
Jaffar (1993-03)(Mirage Software)(PL)[cassette].zip 18.00 KB
James Bond 007 (1984)(Parker Brothers)(US)[cartridge].zip 9.70 KB
Jawbreaker (1981)(Sierra On-Line)(US)[disk].zip 9.53 KB
Jawbreaker (1982)(Sierra On-Line)(US)[a][disk].zip 11.41 KB
Jawbreaker (1982)(Sierra On-Line)(US)[disk].zip 10.77 KB
Jawbreaker II (1982)(Sierra On-Line)(US)[cartridge].zip 5.47 KB
Jawbreaker II (1982)(Sierra On-Line)(US)[disk].zip 12.24 KB
Jet Action, The (1992)(L.K. Avalon)(PL)[disk].zip 22.97 KB
Jet Boot Jack (1990)(Byte Back)(GB)[cassette].zip 12.72 KB
Jewels of Darkness (1986)(Firebird)(US)[disk].zip 99.53 KB
Jewels of Darkness (1986)(Rainbird)(GB)[disk].zip 99.31 KB
Jim Slide (2016)(Self-Published)(GB)[cartridge].zip 464.81 KB
Jinks (1991)(AMC-Verlag)(DE)[disk].zip 25.41 KB
Joe and the Nuclear Caverns (1987)(STV Software)(GB)[disk].zip 18.94 KB
Johnny the Ghost (1994)(A.N.G. Software)(NL)[disk].zip 9.30 KB
Journey to the Planets (1982)(JV Software)(US)[cassette].zip 15.54 KB
Journey to the Planets (1983)(Roklan)(US)[cartridge].zip 12.68 KB
Joust (1983)(Atari)(US)[cartridge].zip 11.38 KB
Jr. Pac-Man (1984)(Atari)(US)[cartridge].zip 10.00 KB
Juggles' House (1982)(Atari)(US)[disk].zip 17.13 KB
Juice! (1983)(Tronix Software)(US)[cassette].zip 50.83 KB
Juice! (1983)(Tronix Software)(US)[disk].zip 10.73 KB
Jumbo Jet Pilot (1982)(Thorn EMI)(GB)[cartridge].zip 9.71 KB
Jump Jet (1985)(Anirog Software)(GB)[cassette].zip 25.91 KB
Jump Jet (1985)(Anirog Software)(GB)[disk].zip 26.54 KB
Jumpman (1983)(Epyx)(US)[a][disk].zip 65.96 KB
Jumpman (1983)(Epyx)(US)[cassette].zip 35.73 KB
Jumpman (1983)(Epyx)(US)[disk].zip 36.37 KB
Jumpman Junior (1983)(Epyx)(US)[cartridge].zip 11.08 KB
Jumpman Junior (1985)(Value-U-Line)(US)[disk].zip 13.33 KB
Jungle Hunt (1983)(Atari)(US)[cartridge].zip 12.11 KB
Juno First (1984)(Datasoft)(US)[disk].zip 18.29 KB
Jurassic Park II (1997)(Sikor Soft)(PL)[disk].zip 46.95 KB
K-DOS (1981)(K-Byte)(US)[disk].zip 35.60 KB
K-Razy Antiks (1982)(CBS Software)(US)[cartridge].zip 5.58 KB
K-Razy Kritters (1982)(CBS Software)(US)[cartridge].zip 5.89 KB
K-Razy Kritters (1982)(K-Byte)(US)[cartridge].zip 5.85 KB
K-Razy Shootout (1981)(K-Byte)(US)[cartridge].zip 5.15 KB
K-Razy Shootout (1982)(CBS Software)(US)[cartridge].zip 5.37 KB
K-Star Patrol (1982)(CBS Software)(US)[cartridge].zip 5.67 KB
KE-BASE (1991)(KE-Soft)(DE)[disk].zip 28.83 KB
KE-Commander (1992)(KE-Soft)(DE)[disk].zip 8.95 KB
KE-Soft Leveldisk (1991)(KE-Soft)(DE)[disk].zip 23.70 KB
Kaboom! (1983)(Activision)(US)[cartridge].zip 3.37 KB
Kampania wrześniowa (1993-04)(L.K. Avalon)(PL)[cassette].zip 19.37 KB
Kampfgruppe v1.0 (1985)(SSI)(US)[disk].zip 66.07 KB
Kampfgruppe v1.2 (1985)(SSI)(US)[disk].zip 76.33 KB
Kangaroo v1.0 (1982)(APX)(US)[disk].zip 17.89 KB
Karateka (1985)(Broderbund Software)(US)[a][disk].zip 53.80 KB
Karateka (1988)(Atari)(US)[cartridge].zip 45.90 KB
Ken Uston's Professional Blackjack (1983)(ScreenPlay)(US)[disk].zip 34.02 KB
Kennedy Approach (1985)(MicroProse Software)(US)[disk].zip 37.45 KB
Kernaw (1993-04)(L.K. Avalon)(PL)[cassette].zip 34.62 KB
Keyboard Organ (1982)(APX)(US)[disk].zip 11.88 KB
Keystone Kapers (1983)(Activision)(US)[cartridge].zip 6.33 KB
Keywriter-1 (1982)(Amazon Systems)(GB)[disk].zip 47.68 KB
Kick Off (1991)(Byte Back)(GB)[cassette].zip 23.46 KB
Kickback (1982)(Thorn EMI)(GB)[cartridge].zip 3.80 KB
Kid Grid (1982)(Tronix Software)(US)[a][disk].zip 5.18 KB
Kids Say the Darndest Things. to Computers v4.1 (1983)(HomeComputer Software)(US)[disk].zip 38.99 KB
Kids on Keys (1983)(Spinnaker Software)(US)[cartridge].zip 4.89 KB
Kikstart (1986)(Mastertronic)(GB)[cassette].zip 11.24 KB
Kikstart (1986)(Mastertronic)(US)[disk].zip 27.33 KB
KinderComp (1982)(Spinnaker Software)(US)[cartridge].zip 4.94 KB
King Arthur's Heir (1982)(Epyx)(US)[cassette].zip 8.64 KB
King of the Ring (1985)(Gremlin Graphics)(GB)[disk].zip 21.71 KB
Kingdom (1980)(Atari)(US)[cassette].zip 11.60 MB
Klątwa (1992-06)(L.K. Avalon)(PL)[cassette].zip 46.90 KB
Knights of the Desert (1983)(SSI)(US)[disk].zip 38.51 KB
KoalaPainter (1983)(Koala Technologies)(US)[cartridge].zip 10.86 KB
Kolony (1991)(Mirage Software)(PL)[cassette].zip 34.30 KB
Kolony (1991)(Mirage Software)(PL)[disk].zip 45.01 KB
Koronis Rift (1985)(Activision)(GB)[disk].zip 50.62 KB
Koronis Rift v3.1 (1985)(Epyx)(US)[disk].zip 52.65 KB
Krucjata (1993-03)(ASF s.c.)(PL)[cassette].zip 39.57 KB
Kręgi Zagłady (1992)(ASF s.c.)(PL)[disk].zip 28.26 KB
L.A. Swat + Panther (1988)(Mastertronic)(US)[disk].zip 24.46 KB
L.D.S. C-Emulator (1990)(Liberal Dreams Software)(DE)[disk].zip 43.94 KB
LabelDesigner II v3.0 (19xx)(AMJ Soft)(NL)[disk].zip 144.21 KB
Labyrinth (1982)(Broderbund Software)(US)[a][disk].zip 56.15 KB
Labyrinth (1982)(Broderbund Software)(US)[disk].zip 56.09 KB
Lancelot (1988)(Level 9 Computing)(GB)[disk].zip 92.45 KB
Lapis Philosophorum - Der Stein der Weisen (1985)(Ariolasoft)(DE)[disk].zip 110.20 KB
Lapis Philosophorum - The Philosopher's Stone (1986)(Ariolasoft)(GB)[disk].zip 103.81 KB
Las Vegas Casino (1994)(A.N.G. Software)(NL)[disk].zip 32.62 KB
Laser Hawk (1986)(Red Rat Software)(GB)[a][disk].zip 28.79 KB
Laser Hawk (1986)(Red Rat Software)(GB)[disk].zip 29.24 KB
Laser Hawk (1990)(Byte Back)(GB)[cassette].zip 22.98 KB
Lasermania + Robbo Konstruktor (1990)(L.K. Avalon)(PL)[cassette].zip 36.12 KB
Lasermania + Robbo Konstruktor (1990)(L.K. Avalon)(PL)[disk].zip 47.09 KB
Last Guardian, The (1992)(Micro Discount)(GB)[disk].zip 35.31 KB
Last Guardian, The (1993)(L.K. Avalon)(PL)[disk].zip 35.30 KB
Last Starfighter, The (1984)(Atari)(US)[cartridge].zip 12.70 KB
Last V8, The (198x)(Mastertronic)(US)[disk].zip 32.09 KB
Leader Board (1986)(Access Software)(US)[disk].zip 40.83 KB
Leader Board (1986)(US Gold)(GB)[cassette].zip 20.10 KB
Leader Board (1986)(US Gold)(GB)[disk].zip 40.66 KB
Leader Board Dual Pack (1987)(Access Software)(US)[disk].zip 28.46 KB
Leader Board Tournament Disk #1 (1986)(Access Software)(US)[disk].zip 7.79 KB
League Challenge (1988)(Atlantis Software)(GB)[cassette].zip 12.22 KB
Leaps and Bounds (1985)(MUSE Software)(US)[disk].zip 51.94 KB
Learning Phone, The (19xx)(Atari)(US)[cartridge].zip 6.51 KB
Leather Goddesses of Phobos Rel 59 (1986)(Infocom)(US)[disk].zip 98.58 KB
Lethal Weapon (1989)(Secret Games)(DE)[disk].zip 21.85 KB
Letter Perfect (1980)(LJK Enterprises)(US)[cartridge].zip 12.83 KB
Lifespan (1983)(Roklan)(US)[cartridge].zip 12.56 KB
Linking Logic (1984)(Fisher-Price)(US)[cartridge].zip 4.77 KB
Lister Plus v1.5 (1984)(Antic Software)(US)[disk].zip 64.55 KB
Little Devil (1989)(Byte Back)(GB)[cassette].zip 15.44 KB
Living Daylights, The (1987)(Domark)(GB)[disk].zip 29.77 KB
Living Daylights, The (1989)(Zeppelin Games)(GB)[cassette].zip 25.00 KB
Living Daylights, The (1994)(A.N.G. Software)(NL)[disk].zip 23.81 KB
Living Daylights, The (1995)(Mirage Software)(PL)(en)[cassette].zip 28.24 KB
Living Daylights, The (1995)(Mirage Software)(PL)[disk].zip 26.50 KB
Lizard (1993)(ASF s.c.)(PL)[cassette].zip 20.02 KB
Load 'N Go (1981)(APX)(US)[disk].zip 8.41 KB
Lode Runner (1983)(Broderbund Software)(US)[disk].zip 46.44 KB
Lode Runner (1984)(Broderbund Software)(US)[disk].zip 33.17 KB
Lode Runner (1987)(Atari)(US)[cartridge].zip 27.56 KB
Lode Runner's Rescue (1985)(Synapse Software)(US)[disk].zip 58.88 KB
Logic Levels (1984)(Fisher-Price)(US)[cartridge].zip 5.40 KB
Lone Raider, The (1983)(Atari)(GB)[cassette].zip 6.34 MB
Lone Raider, The (1985)(Atari)(GB)[cassette].zip 7.56 KB
Lords of Conquest (1986)(Electronic Arts)(US)[a][disk].zip 58.19 KB
Lords of Conquest (1986)(Electronic Arts)(US)[disk].zip 75.16 KB
Lords of Karma (1981)(Avalon Hill)(US)[disk].zip 16.63 KB
Los Angeles SWAT (1986)(Mastertronic)(GB)[cassette].zip 10.29 KB
Los Angeles SWAT (1986)(Mastertronic)(US)[disk].zip 23.90 KB
Lunar Lander (1981)(Adventure International)(US)[cassette].zip 7.75 KB
Lunar Lander (1981)(Adventure International)(US)[disk].zip 56.01 KB
Lunar Landing (1986)(Prism Leisure Corporation)(GB)[cassette].zip 7.61 KB
Lunar Leeper (1983)(Sierra On-Line)(US)[disk].zip 42.33 KB
M.U.L.E. (1983)(Electronic Arts)(US)[a][disk].zip 50.09 KB
M.U.L.E. (1983)(Electronic Arts)(US)[disk].zip 51.00 KB
M.U.L.E. (1985)(Ariolasoft)(GB)[cassette].zip 37.16 KB
MAC-65 (1984)(OSS)(US)[disk].zip 101.53 KB
MAC-65 Toolkit, The (1984)(OSS)(US)[disk].zip 65.63 KB
MAC-65 v1.01 (1984)(OSS)(US)[cartridge].zip 13.19 KB
MASIC (1987)(R & E Software)(DE)[disk].zip 43.64 KB
MICROMOD Turbobase (1986)(MicroMiser Software)(US)[disk].zip 321.45 KB
MIDI Master (1986)(2 Bit Systems)(GB)[disk].zip 43.46 KB
MIDI Maze (1989)(Atari)(US)[cartridge].zip 44.26 KB
MRCA Mach 2 Combat Flight Simulator (1986)(Firebird)(US)[disk].zip 25.56 KB
Macro Assembler and Program-Text Editor v1.0A (1981)(Atari)(US)[disk].zip 40.07 KB
Mad Jax (1989)(Byte Back)(GB)[cassette].zip 23.64 KB
Mad-Netter (1982)(Computer Magic)(US)[cassette].zip 6.82 KB
Magia (1993)(Mirage Software)(PL)[cassette].zip 29.34 KB
Magia Kryształu (1992-12)(ASF s.c.)(PL)[cassette].zip 27.79 KB
Magic of Words (1996)(Sikor Soft)(PL)[disk].zip 32.01 KB
Magneto Bugs (1983)(Gentry Software)(US)[disk].zip 13.96 KB
MagniPrint II+ v2.8 (1984)(Alpha Systems)(US)[disk].zip 41.86 KB
Mail Order Monsters (1985)(Electronic Arts)(US)[disk].zip 161.15 KB
Mailing List (1980)(Atari)(US)[cassette].zip 25.29 KB
Major League Hockey (1983)(Thorn EMI)(GB)[cartridge].zip 6.08 KB
Maniac Miner (1983)(Gentry Software)(US)[disk].zip 25.16 KB
Marathon + Maths for Fun (1983)(English Software Company)(GB)[cassette].zip 11.52 KB
Mario Bros. (1988)(Atari)(US)[cartridge].zip 28.92 KB
Mask of the Sun, The (1982)(Broderbund Software)(US)[disk].zip 249.16 KB
Master Diskette 3 (1983)(Atari)(US)[a bug fixes][disk].zip 22.68 KB
Master Diskette 3 (1983)(Atari)(US)[disk].zip 22.66 KB
Master Diskette II (1980)(Atari)(US)[disk].zip 7.56 KB
Master Head (1992-03)(Sonix)(PL)[cassette].zip 29.19 KB
Master Head (1992-03)(Sonix)(PL)[disk].zip 34.06 KB
Master of the Lamps (1985)(Activision)(US)[disk].zip 33.46 KB
MasterType (1983)(Scarborough Systems)(US)[cartridge].zip 12.08 KB
Masterdisk DOS 2.5 (1984)(Atari)(DE)[disk].zip 23.84 KB
Masters of Time (1985)(Cosmi)(US)[disk].zip 67.51 KB
Match Racer (1981)(Gebelli Software)(US)[disk].zip 4.94 KB
Match-Wits (1984)(CBS Software)(US)[disk].zip 50.48 KB
Matchboxes (1983)(Broderbund Software)(US)[cassette].zip 11.81 KB
Matchmaker - U.S. Geography Facts (1984)(American Educational Computer)(US)[disk].zip 69.98 KB
Matchmaker - World History Facts (1984)(American Educational Computer)(US)[disk].zip 42.25 KB
Math Encounter (1984)(HSU Software)(US)[cartridge].zip 5.48 KB
Math Mileage (1983)(CBS Software)(US)[cartridge].zip 6.51 KB
Math Mission v1.0 (1982)(APX)(US)[cassette].zip 5.93 KB
Math Pack (1982)(Inhome Software)(CA)[disk].zip 25.96 KB
Maths for Fun (1984)(Educational Software)(US)[disk].zip 12.81 KB
Matterhorn (1984)(Tigervision)(US)[cartridge].zip 10.13 KB
Max + Magic World (1997)(Sikor Soft)(PL)[disk].zip 50.91 KB
Maxwell's Demon and Memory Mania (1983)(Gentry Software)(US)[disk].zip 27.70 KB
Maze of Death (1981)(Syncro)(US)[cassette].zip 5.35 KB
Mean 18 (1989)(Atari)(US)[cartridge].zip 52.67 KB
Mech Brigade v1.0 (1985)(SSI)(US)[disk].zip 101.51 KB
Mediator (1985)(English Software Company)(GB)[cassette].zip 29.11 KB
Mediator (1985)(English Software Company)(GB)[disk].zip 36.41 KB
MegaFont ][+ v1.0 841009 (1985-01-17)(XLEnt Software)(US)[disk].zip 48.80 KB
MegaFont ][+ v2.0 (1985-11-14)(XLEnt Software)(US)[disk].zip 47.52 KB
MegaMania (1983)(Activision)(US)[cartridge].zip 5.85 KB
Megalegs (1982)(Megasoft)(US)[cassette].zip 8.58 KB
Megalegs (1982)(Megasoft)(US)[disk].zip 5.88 KB
Meltdown at Megalopolis (1983)(Cosmi)(US)[a][disk].zip 13.15 KB
Meltdown at Megalopolis (1983)(Cosmi)(US)[cassette].zip 5.43 KB
Meltdown at Megalopolis (1983)(Cosmi)(US)[disk].zip 13.13 KB
MemorEase+ (1983)(Inet Corporation)(US)[disk].zip 30.07 KB
Memory Manor (1984)(Fisher-Price)(US)[cartridge].zip 5.66 KB
Mercenary - Escape from Targ (1985)(Datasoft)(US)[disk].zip 85.62 KB
Mercenary - Escape from Targ (1985)(Novagen Software)(GB)[disk].zip 85.15 KB
Mercenary - The Second City (1986)(Novagen Software)(GB)[disk].zip 8.63 KB
MiG Alley Ace (1983)(MicroProse Software)(US)[disk].zip 32.11 KB
MiG Alley Ace (1985)(US Gold)(GB)[cassette].zip 15.80 KB
MiG Alley Ace (1985)(US Gold)(GB)[disk].zip 24.06 KB
MiG Alley Ace (1986)(MicroProse Software)(GB)[disk].zip 27.33 KB
Mickey in the Great Outdoors (1983)(Atari)(US)[disk].zip 34.03 KB
Micro Illustrator, The (1983)(Koala Technologies)(US)[disk].zip 33.19 KB
Micro League Baseball (1984)(Micro League Sports Association)(US)[a][disk].zip 44.12 KB
Micro League Baseball (1984)(Micro League Sports Association)(US)[disk].zip 43.74 KB
Micro League Baseball - 1982 NL and AL Teams (1984)(Micro League Sports Association)(US)[disk].zip 28.82 KB
Micro League Baseball - 1984 NL and AL Teams (1984)(Micro League Sports Association)(US)[disk].zip 29.36 KB
Micro League Baseball - 1985 NL and AL Teams (1985)(Micro League Sports Association)(US)[disk].zip 29.68 KB
Micro League Baseball - 1986 NL and AL Teams (1986)(Micro League Sports Association)(US)[disk].zip 28.56 KB
Micro League Baseball - General Managers-Owners Disk (1985)(Micro League Sports Association)(US)[a][disk].zip 38.64 KB
Micro League Baseball - General Managers-Owners Disk (1985)(Micro League Sports Association)(US)[disk].zip 39.30 KB
Micro League Baseball - World Series Teams (1960's) (1984)(Micro League Sports Association)(US)[disk].zip 29.33 KB
Micro-Painter (1982)(Datasoft)(US)[disk].zip 40.55 KB
MicroFiler v1.1 (1983)(Microbits Peripheral Products)(US)[cartridge].zip 5.98 KB
Microchess v2.0 (198x)(Personal Software)(US)[cassette].zip 5.76 KB
Microrhythm (1987)(Firebird)(GB)[cassette].zip 14.77 KB
Microsoft BASIC (1981)(Atari)(US)[disk].zip 32.97 KB
Microsoft BASIC Cross-Reference Utility (1981)(APX)(US)[disk].zip 12.91 KB
Microsoft BASIC II (1982)(Atari)(US)[cartridge].zip 23.58 KB
Microx (1993-04)(L.K. Avalon)(PL)(en)[cassette].zip 24.20 KB
MidiPatch - Yamaha DX-7 (1985)(Hybrid Arts)(US)[disk].zip 28.39 KB
MidiTrack III (1986)(Hybrid Arts)(US)[disk].zip 98.09 KB
Midway Battles (1987)(TDC Distributors)(US)[disk].zip 95.65 KB
Midway Campaign (1981)(Avalon Hill)(US)[disk].zip 22.15 KB
Miecze Valdgira (1991)(ASF s.c.)(PL)[disk].zip 24.69 KB
Miecze Valdgira II - Władca Gór (1993-05)(ASF s.c.)(PL)[cassette].zip 41.81 KB
Miecze Valdgira II - Władca Gór (1993-05)(ASF s.c.)(PL)[disk].zip 42.22 KB
Millionaire v1.0 (1982)(Blue Chip Software)(US)[disk].zip 121.74 KB
Millipede (1984)(Atari)(US)[cartridge].zip 11.28 KB
Mindshadow (1985)(Activision)(US)[disk].zip 130.89 KB
Mindwheel (1984)(Synapse Software)(US)[disk].zip 306.14 KB
Miner 2049er (1982)(Big Five Software)(US)[cartridge].zip 12.30 KB
Miner 2049er (1983)(Big Five Software)(US)[cartridge].zip 12.32 KB
Mini Office II (1987)(Database Software)(GB)[disk].zip 113.15 KB
Mini-Word Processor (1981)(Santa Cruz Software)(US)[cassette].zip 5.37 KB
Miniature Golf Plus (1985)(XLEnt Software)(US)[disk].zip 42.50 KB
Miracle!, The (1986)(Computer Software Services)(US)[disk].zip 21.43 KB
Mirax Force (1987)(Tynesoft)(GB)[cassette].zip 32.95 KB
Mirax Force (1994)(A.N.G. Software)(NL)[disk].zip 35.96 KB
Misja + Fred (1991-10)(L.K. Avalon)(PL)[cassette].zip 47.07 KB
Missile Command (1981)(Atari)(US)[cartridge].zip 4.65 KB
Mission (1991)(KE-Soft)(DE)[disk].zip 34.82 KB
Mission Shark (1991)(A.N.G. Software)(NL)[disk].zip 40.09 KB
Mission Shark (1991)(Zeppelin Games)(GB)[cassette].zip 24.77 KB
Mission Zircon (1992)(ASF s.c.)(PL)[disk].zip 32.49 KB
Mission Zircon (1992)(KE-Soft)(DE)[disk].zip 27.96 KB
Molecule Man (1985)(Mastertronic)(US)[disk].zip 25.83 KB
Money $pin (1986)(White Bag Software)(US)[disk].zip 38.12 KB
Money Manager, The (1983)(Timeworks)(US)[disk].zip 34.79 KB
Monkey Magic (1987)(Micro Design)(GB)[cassette].zip 10.89 KB
Monkey Wrench II, The (1985)(Eastern House Software)(US)[cartridge].zip 5.45 KB
Monkey Wrench, The (1981)(Eastern House Software)(US)[cartridge].zip 3.35 KB
Monster Maze (1982)(Epyx)(US)[cartridge].zip 4.63 KB
Monstrum (1992-03)(ASF s.c.)(PL)[cassette].zip 22.75 KB
Monstrum (1992-03)(ASF s.c.)(PL)[disk].zip 27.12 KB
Montezuma (19xx)(Laser Load)(IT)[cassette].zip 14.20 KB
Montezuma's Revenge (1984)(Parker Brothers)(US)[disk].zip 11.70 KB
Montezuma's Revenge (1986)(Databyte)(GB)[cassette].zip 13.73 KB
Montezuma's Revenge (1986)(Databyte)(GB)[disk].zip 21.68 KB
Moon Patrol (1983)(Atari)(US)[cartridge].zip 11.90 KB
Moon Probe (1981-07)(Dynacomp)(US)[cassette].zip 4.64 KB
Moon Shuttle (1983)(Datasoft)(US)[a][disk].zip 56.38 KB
Moon Shuttle (1983)(Datasoft)(US)[cassette].zip 10.20 KB
Moon Shuttle (1983)(Datasoft)(US)[disk].zip 65.26 KB
Moonbase Io (1982)(Program Design)(US)[cassette].zip 15.83 MB
Moonmist Rel 4 (1986-09-18)(Infocom)(US)[disk].zip 95.68 KB
Mord an Bord! (1985)(Ariolasoft)(DE)[disk].zip 136.49 KB
Moscow 1993 (1994)(Sikor Soft)(PL)[disk].zip 65.05 KB
Mountain Bike Racer (1989)(Zeppelin Games)(GB)[cassette].zip 19.08 KB
Mountain King (1983)(CBS Software)(US)[cartridge].zip 6.43 KB
Mouskattack (1981)(Sierra On-Line)(US)[disk].zip 12.22 KB
Movie Musical Madness (1984)(CBS Software)(US)[cartridge].zip 3.70 MB
MovieMaker (1982)(Reston Publishing)(US)[disk].zip 78.87 KB
MovieMaker (1985)(Electronic Arts)(US)[disk].zip 135.57 KB
Mr. Cool (1983)(Sierra On-Line)(US)[cartridge].zip 4.42 KB
Mr. Dig (1984)(Microdeal)(GB)[cassette].zip 12.28 KB
Mr. Do! (1984)(Datasoft)(US)[disk].zip 50.23 KB
Mr. Robot and His Robot Factory (1983)(Datamost)(US)[disk].zip 40.88 KB
Mr. Robot and His Robot Factory (1986)(Databyte)(GB)[disk].zip 26.62 KB
Mr. TNT (1983)(Human Engineered Software)(US)[cartridge].zip 5.50 KB
Ms. Pac-Man (1983)(Atari)(US)[cartridge].zip 9.93 KB
Murder on the Zinderneuf (1983)(Electronic Arts)(US)[a][disk].zip 52.65 KB
Murder on the Zinderneuf (1983)(Electronic Arts)(US)[disk].zip 52.95 KB
Music Composer (1979)(Atari)(US)[cartridge].zip 6.22 KB
Music I - Terms and Notations v1.3 (1982)(APX)(US)[disk].zip 28.01 KB
Music Painter (1985)(Atari)(US)[disk].zip 20.88 KB
Music Player (1982)(APX)(US)[disk].zip 12.78 KB
My First Alphabet (1982)(Atari)(US)[disk].zip 33.41 KB
My Spelling Easel (19xx)(Main Street Publishing)(US)[disk].zip 46.48 KB
Mysterious Adventure No. 01 - The Golden Baton (1982)(Channel 8 Software)(GB)[cassette].zip 8.77 KB
Mysterious Adventure No. 11 - Waxworks (1984)(Channel 8 Software)(GB)[cassette].zip 9.38 KB
Mózgprocesor v1.0C (1990)(Computer Adventure Studio)(PL)[cassette].zip 24.03 KB
Mózgprocesor v1.0C (1992)(Mirage Software)(PL)[cassette].zip 24.22 KB
NAM v1.0 (1985)(SSI)(US)[disk].zip 45.48 KB
NAM v1.1 (1985)(SSI)(US)[disk].zip 40.79 KB
NATO Commander (1983)(MicroProse Software)(US)[disk].zip 32.24 KB
NATO Commander (1984)(US Gold)(GB)[cassette].zip 16.88 KB
Najemnik Powrót (1993)(Krysal)(PL)[disk].zip 46.49 KB
Napoleon in Russia (1988)(Datasoft)(US)[disk].zip 29.89 KB
Nautilus (1982)(Synapse Software)(US)[disk].zip 13.18 KB
Necromancer (1982)(Synapse Software)(US)[disk].zip 22.02 KB
Necromancer (1988)(Atari)(US)[cartridge].zip 11.78 KB
Neron (1993-03)(L.K. Avalon)(PL)[cassette].zip 23.78 KB
New York City (1984)(Synapse Software)(US)[disk].zip 25.16 KB
New York City (1986)(Americana)(GB)[disk].zip 20.11 KB
Nibbler (1983)(Datasoft)(US)[disk].zip 17.67 KB
Night Mission Pinball (1982)(subLOGIC)(US)[disk].zip 21.43 KB
Nightmare, The (1982)(Epyx)(US)[disk].zip 51.23 KB
Nightmares (1987)(Red Rat Software)(GB)[disk].zip 36.59 KB
Nightmares (1990)(Byte Back)(GB)[cassette].zip 37.64 KB
Nightstrike (1983)(TG Software)(US)[cartridge].zip 6.03 KB
Ninja (1986)(Mastertronic)(GB)[cassette].zip 16.37 KB
Ninja (1986)(Mastertronic)(US)[a][disk].zip 17.71 KB
Ninja (1988)(Mastertronic)(US)[disk].zip 17.75 KB
Ninja Master, The (1986)(Firebird)(GB)[cassette].zip 25.56 KB
Nite Lite BBS v5.0 (1985)(Nite Lite Systems)(US)[disk].zip 27.90 KB
Number Blast (1981)(APX)(US)[disk].zip 11.32 KB
O'Riley's Mine (1983)(Datasoft)(US)[disk].zip 7.66 KB
O'Riley's Mine (1983)(US Gold)(GB)[cassette].zip 7.16 KB
OGRE (1986)(MicroProse Software - Origin Systems)(GB-US)[disk].zip 36.80 KB
OS-A+ v2.00 (1982)(OSS)(US)[disk].zip 38.27 KB
Oasis Visual Editing System for Ensoniq Mirage (1986)(Hybrid Arts)(US)[disk].zip 26.19 KB
Objective - Kursk v1.0 (1984)(SSI)(US)[disk].zip 70.33 KB
Oil's Well (1983)(Sierra On-Line)(US)[cartridge].zip 7.13 KB
Oil's Well (1984)(Aackosoft)(NL)(en)[cassette].zip 7.89 KB
Olin in Emerald (1984)(Adventure International)(US)[disk].zip 350.05 KB
On Cue (1987)(Mastertronic)(GB)[cassette].zip 11.84 KB
One Man and His Droid (1986)(Mastertronic)(GB)[cassette].zip 13.14 KB
One-on-One (1983)(Electronic Arts)(US)[disk].zip 37.20 KB
One-on-One (1985)(Ariolasoft)(GB)[disk].zip 22.30 KB
One-on-One (1987)(Atari)(US)[cartridge].zip 18.35 KB
Operation Blood (1992-03)(Mirage Software)(PL)[cassette].zip 41.42 KB
Operation Market Garden v1.0 (1985)(SSI)(US)[disk].zip 66.99 KB
Operation Whirlwind (1983)(Broderbund Software)(US)[disk].zip 42.49 KB
Original Adventure (1982)(LotsaBytes)(US)[disk].zip 59.70 KB
Ortografia (1991)(Mirage Software)(PL)[cassette].zip 18.98 KB
Outlaw-Howitzer (1979)(APX)(US)[cassette].zip 3.42 KB
Ozzy's Orchard (1983)(TG Software)(US)[cartridge].zip 8.63 KB
PILOT (1980)(Atari)(US)[cartridge].zip 6.42 KB
PQ - Sports Edition 1 (1984)(Suncom)(US)[disk].zip 117.92 KB
PQ - The Party Quiz Game (1984)(Suncom)(US)[a][disk].zip 78.52 KB
PQ - The Party Quiz Game (1984)(Suncom)(US)[disk].zip 160.20 KB
Pac-Man (1982)(Atari)(US)[a][cartridge].zip 6.41 KB
Pac-Man (1984)(Datasoft)(US)[disk].zip 16.82 KB
Pac-Man (1985)(US Gold)(GB)[cassette].zip 10.39 KB
Pacific Coast Highway (1982)(Datasoft)(US)[cassette].zip 11.43 KB
Page 6 (1982)(Synapse Software)(US)[disk].zip 38.46 KB
Page Designer v1.2 (1985)(XLEnt Software)(US)[disk].zip 45.27 KB
Paint (1982)(Atari)(US)[disk].zip 35.30 KB
Panic Express (1991)(Byte Back)(GB)[cassette].zip 7.02 KB
Panik! (1987)(Atlantis Software)(GB)[cassette].zip 7.39 KB
Panther (1987)(Mastertronic)(GB)[cassette].zip 14.82 KB
Panther v1.0a (1992-04)(L.K. Avalon)(PL)[cassette].zip 23.73 KB
Panzer Grenadier (1985)(SSI)(US)[disk].zip 36.73 KB
Panzer War (1983)(Windcrest Software)(US)[disk].zip 39.38 KB
Panzer War v3C (1983)(Windcrest Software)(US)[cassette].zip 16.43 KB
PaperClip v1.0 (1985)(Batteries Included)(CA)[disk].zip 101.76 KB
PaperClip v1.0 (198x)(Ariolasoft)(GB)[disk].zip 49.38 KB
PaperClip v1.2X (1985)(Batteries Included)(CA)[disk].zip 208.51 KB
PaperClip v2.0 (1985)(Batteries Included)(CA)[disk].zip 334.13 KB
Paris in Danger (1983)(Avalon Hill)(US)[disk].zip 42.62 KB
Pastfinder (1984)(Activision)(US)[cartridge].zip 11.44 KB
Pathfinder (1982)(Gebelli Software)(US)[disk].zip 11.35 KB
Pawn, The (1986)(Rainbird)(GB)[disk].zip 230.69 KB
Pay-Off, The (1984)(Atari)(GB)[disk].zip 29.57 KB
Peanut Butter Panic (1984)(CBS Software)(US)[cartridge].zip 5.82 KB
Peggammon (1986)(Artworx)(US)[a][disk].zip 61.63 KB
Peggammon (1986)(Artworx)(US)[disk].zip 31.34 KB
Pengo (1983)(Atari)(US)[cartridge].zip 9.78 KB
Pengon (1984)(Microdeal)(GB)[cassette].zip 6.48 KB
Pensate (1983)(Penguin Software)(US)[disk].zip 10.63 KB
Periscope Up (1988)(Atlantis Software)(GB)[cassette].zip 9.79 KB
Phantasie II v1.0 (1987)(SSI)(US)[disk].zip 299.56 KB
Phantasie v1.0 (1987)(SSI)(US)[disk].zip 136.99 KB
Phantom Sector Maker, The (1987)(Computer Software Services)(US)[disk].zip 13.52 KB
Pharaoh's Curse, The (1983)(Synapse Software)(US)[cassette].zip 9.97 KB
Pharaoh's Curse, The (1983)(Synapse Software)(US)[disk].zip 19.35 KB
Phobos v1.1 (1982)(APX)(US)[disk].zip 13.45 KB
Picnic Paranoia (1982)(Synapse Software)(US)[cartridge].zip 8.04 KB
Picnic Paranoia (1982)(Synapse Software)(US)[cassette].zip 8.83 KB
Picnic Paranoia (1982)(Synapse Software)(US)[disk].zip 44.42 KB
Picture Plus v3.1 (1986)(Antic Software)(US)[disk].zip 93.06 KB
Pie Man (1983)(Penguin Software)(US)[disk].zip 8.65 KB
Pinball Construction Set (1983)(Electronic Arts)(US)[a][disk].zip 40.83 KB
Pinball Construction Set (1983)(Electronic Arts)(US)[disk].zip 40.99 KB
Pinball Construction Set (1985)(Ariolasoft)(GB)[disk].zip 40.90 KB
Pinball Construction Set - Der Flipper-Baukasten (1983)(Ariolasoft)(DE)[disk].zip 40.87 KB
Pirate's Treasure Chest, The (1984)(Duplicating Technologies)(US)[disk].zip 65.73 KB
Pirates of the Barbary Coast (1987)(Cascade Games)(GB)[disk].zip 94.15 KB
Pitfall II - Lost Caverns (1984)(Activision)(GB)[cassette].zip 11.90 KB
Pitfall II - Lost Caverns (1984)(Activision)(US)[cartridge].zip 10.79 KB
Pitfall! (1984)(Activision)(US)[cartridge].zip 5.60 KB
Pitstop (1983)(Epyx)(US)[cartridge].zip 11.82 KB
Pitstop (1983)(Value-U-Line)(US)[disk].zip 14.15 KB
Pitstop II (1984)(Epyx)(US)[disk].zip 23.93 KB
Piłkarski poker (1995-04-23)(Sikor Soft)(PL)[cassette].zip 32.12 KB
Planet Attack (1989)(Byte Back)(GB)[cassette].zip 8.80 KB
Planetfall Rel 20 (1983)(Infocom)(US)[disk].zip 80.22 KB
Plaque Man (198x)(BCI Software)(US)[disk].zip 21.67 KB
Plastron (1990)(Harlequin Software)(GB)[disk].zip 22.28 KB
PlatterMania (1983)(Epyx)(US)[cartridge].zip 4.85 KB
Player Generator v3.20 (1981-10)(APX)(US)[cassette].zip 6.68 KB
Playful Professor Math Tutor (1984)(ScreenPlay)(US)[disk].zip 47.06 KB
Pogoman (1982)(Computer Magic)(US)[disk].zip 13.48 KB
Pogotron (1989)(Game Busters)(GB)[cassette].zip 17.38 KB
Polar Pierre (1986)(Databyte)(GB)[cassette].zip 19.42 KB
Polar Pierre (1986)(Databyte)(GB)[disk].zip 31.71 KB
Pole Position (1983)(Atari)(US)[cartridge].zip 11.70 KB
Pole Position (1984)(Atari)(GB)[cassette].zip 16.89 KB
Pole Position (1984)(Datasoft)(US)[disk].zip 19.63 KB
Pole Position (1985)(US Gold)(GB)[disk].zip 27.93 KB
Pond, The (1983)(Human Engineered Software)(US)[disk].zip 23.04 KB
Pondering About Max's (1989)(Change in Heat)(US)[disk].zip 87.49 KB
Pool 400 (1982)(IDSI)(US)[cartridge].zip 6.35 KB
Pooyan (1983)(Datasoft)(US)[disk].zip 13.04 KB
Popeye (1983)(Parker Brothers)(US)[cartridge].zip 23.62 KB
Pothole Pete (1988)(Atlantis Software)(GB)[cassette].zip 12.10 KB
Powerstar (1985)(Pandora Software)(US)[cartridge].zip 14.22 KB
Powerstar Demo Disk (1986)(Pandora Software)(US)[disk].zip 20.55 KB
Prefixes v1.0 (1982)(APX)(US)[disk].zip 34.91 KB
Preppie! II (1983)(Adventure International)(US)[disk].zip 15.70 KB
Preppie! v2.0 (1982)(Adventure International)(US)[disk].zip 13.85 KB
Preppie! v2.1 (1982)(Adventure International)(US)[disk].zip 13.41 KB
Price of Magik, The (1986)(Level 9 Computing)(GB)[cassette].zip 36.52 KB
Princess and Frog (1982)(Romox)(US)[cartridge].zip 2.17 KB
Print Shop Companion, The v1.1 (1985)(Broderbund Software)(US)[disk].zip 79.55 KB
Print Shop Graphics Library 1 (198x)(Broderbund Software)(US)[disk].zip 46.45 KB
Print Shop Graphics Library 3 (198x)(Broderbund Software)(US)[disk].zip 37.28 KB
Print Shop, The (1984)(Broderbund Software)(US)[disk].zip 129.89 KB
PrintPower (1987)(Hi-Tech Expressions)(US)[disk].zip 143.88 KB
Printer Driver Construction Set v1.1 (1985)(Antic Software)(US)[disk].zip 39.34 KB
Printer's Devil (198x)(BCI Software)(US)[disk].zip 22.56 KB
Printer's Patriot (198x)(BCI Software)(US)[disk].zip 52.34 KB
Pro Golf (1988)(Atlantis Software)(GB)[cassette].zip 31.92 KB
Pro Mountain Bike Simulator (1989)(Alternative Software)(GB)[cassette].zip 20.54 KB
Probe One - The Transmitter (1982)(Synergistic Software)(US)[disk].zip 21.97 KB
Protector (1981)(Synapse Software)(US)[disk].zip 12.38 KB
Protector II (1982)(Synapse Software)(US)[a][disk].zip 13.63 KB
Protector II (1982)(Synapse Software)(US)[cartridge].zip 8.96 KB
Protector II (1982)(Synapse Software)(US)[disk].zip 15.33 KB
Przemytnik (1992-10)(ASF s.c.)(PL)[cassette].zip 30.98 KB
Psycho Shoot (1983)(ALA Software)(US)[disk].zip 24.16 KB
Pungoland (1989)(Secret Games)(DE)[disk].zip 55.02 KB
Q-bert (1983)(Parker Brothers)(US)[cartridge].zip 6.06 KB
Qix (1982)(Atari)(US)[cartridge].zip 5.49 KB
Quarxon (1982)(APX)(US)[cassette].zip 6.68 KB
Quasimodo (1985)(US Gold)(GB)[cassette].zip 20.78 KB
Quasimodo (1985)(US Gold)(GB)[disk].zip 26.86 KB
Quest for the Maltese Chicken, The (1986)(Futureware)(GB)[disk].zip 11.43 KB
Quest of the Space Beagle, The (1984)(Avalon Hill)(US)[disk].zip 50.00 KB
Quest, The (1984)(Penguin Software)(US)[disk].zip 114.12 KB
Questprobe #1 - The Hulk v1.0-127 (1986)(Green Valley Publishing)(US)[disk].zip 160.28 KB
Questprobe #1 - The Hulk v5.2-127 (198x)(Main Street Publishing)(US)[disk].zip 83.66 KB
Questprobe #2 - Spider-Man Rev 261 (1984)(Adventure International)(US)[disk].zip 95.22 KB
Questprobe #2 - Spider-Man Rev 261 (1986)(Green Valley Publishing)(US)[disk].zip 178.42 KB
Questprobe #3 - Human Torch and the Thing vF-172 (1985)(Adventure International)(US)[disk].zip 93.46 KB
Questron (1984)(SSI)(US)[disk].zip 172.15 KB
Questron (19xx)(All American Adventures)(GB)[disk].zip 151.52 KB
Quick Assembler v1.0 (1991-01)(L.K. Avalon)(PL)[cassette].zip 34.76 KB
Quiz Master (1982)(APX)(US)[disk].zip 27.79 KB
Racing Destruction Set (1985)(Electronic Arts)(US)[disk].zip 56.49 KB
Raid over Moscow (1986)(Access Software)(US)[disk].zip 50.45 KB
Rails West! (1984)(SSI)(US)[disk].zip 71.54 KB
Rain of Terror v11 (2017)(Self-Published)(US)[disk].zip 52.33 KB
Rainbow Walker (1983)(Synapse Software)(US)[a2][disk].zip 45.44 KB
Rainbow Walker (1983)(Synapse Software)(US)[a][disk].zip 87.21 KB
Rainbow Walker (1983)(Synapse Software)(US)[cassette].zip 22.29 KB
Rainbow Walker (1983)(Synapse Software)(US)[disk].zip 119.86 KB
Rally Speedway (1983)(Adventure International)(US)[cartridge].zip 11.50 KB
Rampage (1987)(Activision)(GB)[disk].zip 27.01 KB
Raster Blaster (1982)(BudgeCo)(US)[disk].zip 15.51 KB
RealSports Football (1983)(Atari)(US)[cartridge].zip 10.51 KB
RealSports Tennis (1983)(Atari)(US)[cartridge].zip 7.80 KB
Realm of Impossibility (1984)(Electronic Arts)(US)[disk].zip 46.60 KB
Realm of Impossibility (198x)(Ariolasoft)(GB)[disk].zip 39.93 KB
Rear Guard (1981)(Adventure International)(US)[disk].zip 33.78 KB
Rechtschreibtrainer (1983)(Atari)(DE)[disk].zip 32.75 KB
Recipe Search 'N Save v1.1 (1982)(APX)(US)[disk].zip 22.45 KB
Red Max (1987)(Code Masters)(GB)[cassette].zip 22.61 KB
Reforger '88 v1.0 (1984)(SSI)(US)[disk].zip 71.15 KB
Relax (1984)(Synapse Software)(US)[disk].zip 17.16 KB
Repton (1983)(Sirius Software)(US)[disk].zip 30.32 KB
Rescue on Fractalus! (1985)(Activision)(GB)[cassette].zip 25.50 KB
Rescue on Fractalus! (1985)(Activision)(GB)[disk].zip 36.82 KB
Rescue on Fractalus! (1987)(Atari)(US)[cartridge].zip 30.79 KB
Rescue on Fractalus! v4.1 (1985)(Epyx)(US)[disk].zip 34.89 KB
Rhymes & Riddles (1982)(Spinnaker Software)(US)[disk].zip 41.50 KB
Rich Man's Word-Processor, The (19xx)(Computer Software Services)(US)[disk].zip 45.43 KB
Richard Petty's Talladega (1984)(Cosmi)(US)[cassette].zip 12.02 KB
Richard Petty's Talladega (1984)(Cosmi)(US)[disk].zip 12.87 KB
Riot (1992)(Domain Software)(PL)(en)[cassette].zip 20.43 KB
Risk (19xx)(Parker Brothers)(US)[cartridge].zip 6.05 KB
River Raid (1983)(Activision)(US)[cartridge].zip 6.33 KB
River Rescue (1983)(Thorn EMI)(GB)[cartridge].zip 6.67 KB
River Rescue (1987)(Alternative Software)(GB)[cassette].zip 7.25 KB
Roadracer + Bowler (1982)(Avalon Hill)(US)[cassette].zip 8.27 KB
Robbo (1989)(L.K. Avalon)(PL)[a instructions, copy protection][cassette].zip 27.94 KB
Robbo (1989)(L.K. Avalon)(PL)[cassette].zip 29.62 KB
Robot Knights (1990)(Byte Back)(GB)[cassette].zip 20.94 KB
Robotron - 2084 (1983)(Atari)(US)[cartridge].zip 10.62 KB
Rocket Repairman (1986)(Red Rat Software)(GB)[disk].zip 13.60 KB
Rockman (1995)(Mirage Software)(PL)[disk].zip 33.08 KB
Roderic (1991)(Mirage Software)(PL)[cassette].zip 19.46 KB
Roderic (1991)(Mirage Software)(PL)[disk].zip 39.11 KB
Rommel - Battles for Tobruk (1985)(Game Designers' Workshop)(US)[disk].zip 89.19 KB
Rosen's Brigade (1983)(Gentry Software)(US)[a][disk].zip 9.28 KB
Roulette Simulator (1990)(Byte Back)(GB)[cassette].zip 13.49 KB
Round About (1983)(Datamost)(US)[disk].zip 12.05 KB
Rubber Stamp (1985)(XLEnt Software)(US)[disk].zip 47.43 KB
Rucu (1992-09)(L.K. Avalon)(PL)[cassette].zip 19.96 KB
Run For It (198x)(Weekly Reader Family Software)(US)[disk].zip 29.28 KB
Run for the Money (1986)(Thunder Mountain)(US)[disk].zip 37.05 KB
Rycerz (1993)(Mirage Software)(PL)[disk].zip 38.73 KB
S.A.G.A. 01 - Adventureland v5.0-416 (1982)(Adventure International)(US)[disk].zip 72.72 KB
S.A.G.A. 02 - Pirate Adventure (1982)(Adventure International)(US)[disk].zip 69.68 KB
S.A.G.A. 03 - Mission Impossible v5.0-306 (1982)(Adventure International)(US)[disk].zip 77.72 KB
S.A.G.A. 05 - The Count v5.1-115 (1983)(Adventure International)(US)[disk].zip 69.49 KB
S.A.G.A. 06 - Strange Odyssey (1982)(Adventure International)(US)[disk].zip 76.78 KB
S.A.G.A. 13 - The Sorcerer of Claymorgue Castle v5.1-125 (1983)(Adventure International)(US)[disk].zip 81.60 KB
S.A.M. - The Software Automatic Mouth (1982)(Don't Ask Software)(US)[disk].zip 27.71 KB
Sammy the Sea Serpent (1981)(Program Design)(US)[cassette].zip 11.27 MB
Sammy the Sea Serpent (1981)(Program Design)(US)[disk].zip 8.63 MB
Sands of Egypt, The (1982)(Datasoft)(US)[disk].zip 36.60 KB
Saper (1991)(L.K. Avalon)(PL)[disk].zip 18.19 KB
Saper (1992)(KE-Soft)(DE)[disk].zip 18.08 KB
Saracen (1987)(Datasoft)(US)[disk].zip 71.24 KB
Sargon II (1982)(Hayden Software)(US)[disk].zip 15.47 KB
Sargon III (1985)(Hayden Software)(US)[disk].zip 88.79 KB
Satan's Satellite (198x)(West Coast Software)(US)[cassette].zip 5.26 KB
Scapeghost (1989)(Level 9 Computing)(GB)[disk].zip 93.06 KB
Screaming Wings (1986)(Red Rat Software)(GB)[disk].zip 21.52 KB
Screaming Wings (1989)(Byte Back)(GB)[cassette].zip 18.02 KB
Screen Aided Management (SAM) (1993)(Dean Garraghty Software)(GB)[disk].zip 179.81 KB
Scrolls of Abadon, The (1984)(Access Software)(US)[disk].zip 25.78 KB
Sea Chase (1983)(Romox)(US)[cartridge].zip 6.04 KB
Sea Dragon v2.0 (1982)(Adventure International)(US)[disk].zip 11.84 KB
Sea Horse Hide'n Seek (1984)(CBS Software)(US)[cartridge].zip 9.78 KB
Seafox (1982)(Broderbund Software)(US)[cartridge].zip 9.16 KB
Seafox (1982)(Broderbund Software)(US)[disk].zip 31.45 KB
Seastalker Rel 15 (1984-05-01)(Infocom)(US)[a][disk].zip 93.25 KB
Seastalker Rel 15 (1984-05-01)(Infocom)(US)[disk].zip 92.91 KB
Sector Inspector, The (1987)(Softscan)(GB)[disk].zip 3.68 KB
Sereamis (1985)(Ariolasoft)(DE)[disk].zip 162.47 KB
Serpent's Star, The (1983)(Broderbund Software)(US)[disk].zip 180.75 KB
Serpentine (1982)(Broderbund Software)(US)[cartridge].zip 5.88 KB
Serpentine (1982)(Broderbund Software)(US)[disk].zip 53.84 KB
Sesame Street Letter-Go-Round (1984)(CBS Software)(US)[cartridge].zip 12.36 KB
Seven Card Stud v1.2 (1982)(APX)(US)[disk].zip 37.87 KB
Seven Cities of Gold, The (1984)(Electronic Arts)(US)[a][disk].zip 75.61 KB
Seven Cities of Gold, The (1984)(Electronic Arts)(US)[disk].zip 76.71 KB
Sexversi (1994)(A.N.G. Software)(NL)[disk].zip 31.92 KB
Sexversi (1994)(Mirage Software)(PL)[disk].zip 44.62 KB
Sexy Six (1995)(Sikor Soft)(PL)[disk].zip 73.74 KB
Shamus (1982)(Synapse Software)(US)[a][disk].zip 37.35 KB
Shamus (1982)(Synapse Software)(US)[cartridge].zip 9.05 KB
Shamus (1982)(Synapse Software)(US)[disk].zip 35.82 KB
Shamus - Case II (1983)(Synapse Software)(US)[disk].zip 24.50 KB
Shamus II - Die Suche geht weiter! (1983)(Ariolasoft)(DE)[disk].zip 15.06 KB
Ship (1993-05)(Mirage Software)(PL)[cassette].zip 14.23 KB
Ships Ahoy (1983)(Unicorn Software)(US)[disk].zip 35.14 KB
Shooting Arcade (1982)(Datasoft)(US)[disk].zip 10.59 KB
Shuttle Intercept (1983)(Hayden Software)(US)[disk].zip 12.20 KB
Sidewinder (1986)(Futureware)(GB)[disk].zip 30.43 KB
Silent Service (1985)(MicroProse Software)(US)[a2][disk].zip 41.62 KB
Silent Service (1985)(MicroProse Software)(US)[a][disk].zip 38.06 KB
Silent Service (1985)(MicroProse Software)(US)[disk].zip 41.46 KB
Silicon (1983)(Romik Software)(GB)[cassette].zip 5.08 KB
Silicon Dreams (1986)(Firebird)(GB)[disk].zip 100.97 KB
Silicon Dreams (1986)(Rainbird)(GB)[disk].zip 100.97 KB
Silicon Warrior (1983)(Epyx)(US)[cartridge].zip 7.94 KB
Simulated Computer II (19xx)(Carousel Software)(US)[disk].zip 18.50 KB
Six-Gun Shootout v1.0 (1985)(SSI)(US)[disk].zip 37.67 KB
Skarbnik (1992-03)(ASF s.c.)(PL)[cassette].zip 27.55 KB
Skarbnik (1992-03)(ASF s.c.)(PL)[disk].zip 30.04 KB
Sketchpad (1982)(APX)(US)[cassette].zip 6.88 KB
Sketchpad (1982)(APX)(US)[disk].zip 19.64 KB
Sky Writer (1983)(Atari)(US)[cartridge].zip 8.25 KB
Slime (1982)(Synapse Software)(US)[cartridge].zip 10.09 KB
Slingshot (1988)(Atari)(GB)[cassette].zip 32.96 KB
Slot-Machine (1985)(Ariolasoft)(DE)[disk].zip 22.17 KB
Smart Terminal (19xx)(Microbits Peripheral Products)(US)[cartridge].zip 4.90 KB
SmartDOS v6.1d (1984)(Programmers Workshop, The)(US)[disk].zip 33.21 KB
Smuś (1993-09)(L.K. Avalon)(PL)[cassette].zip 22.74 KB
Smuś (1993-09)(L.K. Avalon)(PL)[disk].zip 28.72 KB
Snake Byte (1981)(Sirius Software)(US)[disk].zip 13.52 KB
Snapper, The (1982)(Silicon Valley Systems)(US)[disk].zip 8.02 KB
Sneakers (1981)(Sirius Software)(US)[disk].zip 18.73 KB
Snooker + Billiards (1981)(Thorn EMI)(GB)[cassette].zip 9.61 KB
Snooper Troops - Case #1 The Granite Point Ghost v2.0 (1983)(Spinnaker Software)(US)[disk].zip 37.30 KB
Snooper Troops - Case #2 The Disappearing Dolphin v1.0 (1983)(Spinnaker Software)(US)[disk].zip 35.84 KB
Snooper Troops - Case #2 The Disappearing Dolphin v2.0 (1983)(Spinnaker Software)(US)[disk].zip 35.31 KB
Soccer (1982)(Gamma Software)(US)[disk].zip 16.36 KB
Soccer (1982)(Thorn EMI)(GB)[cartridge].zip 5.87 KB
Soccer (1985)(Sparklers)(GB)[cassette].zip 6.26 KB
SoftSide DV (1980-08) (1980-08)(SoftSide Publications)(US)[disk].zip 11.94 KB
SoftSide DV (1980-12) (1980-12)(SoftSide Publications)(US)[disk].zip 14.21 KB
SoftSide DV (1981-02) (1981-02)(SoftSide Publications)(US)[disk].zip 15.56 KB
SoftSide DV (1982-03) (1982-03)(SoftSide Publications)(US)[disk].zip 19.98 KB
SoftSide DV (1982-05) (1982-05)(SoftSide Publications)(US)[disk].zip 23.25 KB
SoftSide DV (1982-07) (1982-07)(SoftSide Publications)(US)[disk].zip 13.56 KB
SoftSide DV (1982-08) (1982-08)(SoftSide Publications)(US)[disk].zip 21.11 KB
SoftSide DV (1982-12) (1982-12)(SoftSide Publications)(US)[disk].zip 54.23 KB
SoftSide DV (1983-02) (1983-02)(SoftSide Publications)(US)[disk].zip 30.99 KB
SoftSide DV (1983-03) (1983-03)(SoftSide Publications)(US)[disk].zip 45.93 KB
SoftSide DV (1983-08) (1983-08)(SoftSide Publications)(US)[disk].zip 53.49 KB
SoftSide DV (1983-11) (1983-11)(SoftSide Publications)(US)[disk].zip 43.49 KB
SoftSide DV (1984-01) (1984-01)(SoftSide Publications)(US)[disk].zip 43.49 KB
Softporn Adventure (1981)(Sierra On-Line)(US)[disk].zip 32.44 KB
Sogon (1989-10)(KE-Soft)(DE)[disk].zip 40.08 KB
Solar Star (1986)(Microdaft)(US)[disk].zip 18.58 KB
Solo Flight (1983)(MicroProse Software - US Gold)(GB-US)[disk].zip 31.22 KB
Solo Flight (1983)(MicroProse Software)(US)[a][disk].zip 30.95 KB
Solo Flight (1984)(MicroProse Software - US Gold)(GB-US)[disk].zip 30.71 KB
Solo Flight 2nd Edition (1985)(MicroProse Software)(US)[disk].zip 38.66 KB
Solo Flight 2nd Edition (198x)(US Gold)(GB)[disk].zip 38.46 KB
Sons of Liberty v1.0 (1987)(SSI)(US)[disk].zip 109.69 KB
Sound Editor (1981)(APX)(US)[disk].zip 12.40 KB
Sound Tracker v07 (1992-11)(ASF s.c.)(PL)[cassette].zip 32.94 KB
Space Chase (1981)(APX)(US)[cassette].zip 5.69 KB
Space Eggs (1981)(Sirius Software)(US)[a][disk].zip 16.60 KB
Space Eggs (1981)(Sirius Software)(US)[disk].zip 15.29 KB
Space Games (1985)(Keypunch Software)(US)[disk].zip 47.51 KB
Space Gunner + Mutant Bats (1986)(Red Rat Software)(GB)[disk].zip 17.17 KB
Space Invaders (1980)(Atari)(US)[cartridge].zip 3.23 KB
Space Invaders (1980)(Atari)(US)[cassette].zip 3.42 KB
Space Lobsters (1987)(Red Rat Software)(GB)[disk].zip 20.07 KB
Space Lobsters (1990)(Byte Back)(GB)[cassette].zip 16.52 KB
Space Shuttle - A Journey into Space (1983)(Activision)(US)[cartridge].zip 11.52 KB
Space Shuttle - A Journey into Space (1987)(Firebird)(GB)[cassette].zip 12.89 KB
Space Shuttle - Module I (1982)(Swifty Software)(US)[disk].zip 38.56 KB
Space Wars (1989)(Byte Back)(GB)[cassette].zip 9.85 KB
Spaceport (1983)(Umbrella Software)(CA)[disk].zip 33.59 KB
Spare Change (1983)(Broderbund Software)(US)[disk].zip 50.52 KB
SpartaDOS Multi-IO (1986)(ICD)(US)[disk].zip 21.76 KB
SpartaDOS Toolkit (1987)(ICD)(US)[disk].zip 47.75 KB
SpartaDOS X v4.20 (1989-02-06)(ICD)(US)[cartridge].zip 43.71 KB
SpartaDOS X v4.39rc (2006-10-01)(DLT)(US)[cartridge].zip 66.81 KB
SpartaDOS X v4.41 (2008-02-07)(DLT)(US)[cartridge].zip 77.74 KB
SpartaDOS X v4.42 (2008-12-25)(DLT)(US)[cartridge].zip 83.54 KB
SpartaDOS X v4.43 (2011-04-14)(DLT)(US)[cartridge].zip 81.89 KB
SpartaDOS X v4.44 (2011-06-03)(DLT)(US)[cartridge].zip 82.42 KB
SpartaDOS X v4.45 (2011-11-04)(DLT)(US)[cartridge].zip 78.01 KB
SpartaDOS X v4.46 (2013-01-02)(DLT)(US)[cartridge].zip 79.89 KB
SpartaDOS X v4.47 (2015-02-10)(DLT)(US)[cartridge].zip 84.17 KB
Speed Hawk (1988)(Atari)(GB)[cassette].zip 17.72 KB
Speed Run (1988)(Byte Back - Red Rat Software)(GB)[cassette].zip 13.96 KB
Speedway Blast (1982)(IDSI)(US)[cartridge].zip 6.15 KB
Spell Magic Rev 5 (1985)(Antic Software)(US)[disk].zip 38.44 KB
Spell Me (1988)(Page 6 Software)(GB)[cassette].zip 13.43 KB
Spellakazam (1983)(DesignWare)(US)[disk].zip 58.96 KB
Spellbreaker Rel 63 (1985-09-16)(Infocom)(US)[disk].zip 98.07 KB
Spelldiver (1984)(Scholastic)(US)[a Corrected spelling][disk].zip 36.56 KB
Spelldiver (1984)(Scholastic)(US)[disk].zip 36.52 KB
Spelling Bee v1.2 (1983)(MECC)(US)[disk].zip 31.10 KB
Spelling Builder (1981)(Program Design)(US)[disk].zip 44.27 KB
Spelling Genie v2.0 (1982)(APX)(US)[cassette].zip 8.57 KB
Spelunker (1984)(Broderbund Software)(US)[disk].zip 53.33 KB
Spider City (1983)(Sirius Software)(US)[cartridge].zip 3.03 KB
Spider Eater (1983)(Koala Technologies)(US)[disk].zip 29.65 KB
Spider Invasion (1982)(Cosmi)(US)[disk].zip 12.74 KB
Spider-Man (1984)(Americana)(GB)[cassette].zip 9.45 KB
Spiky Harold (1986)(Firebird)(GB)[cassette].zip 29.35 KB
Spindizzy (1986)(Electric Dreams)(GB)[disk].zip 30.53 KB
Spite & Malice (1986)(Cosmi)(US)[disk].zip 16.86 KB
Spitfire 40 (1986)(Avalon Hill)(US)[disk].zip 44.47 KB
Spitfire 40 (1986)(Mirrorsoft)(GB)[disk].zip 24.45 KB
Spitfire Ace (1982)(MicroProse Software)(US)[disk].zip 25.25 KB
Spooky Castle (1988)(Atlantis Software)(GB)[cassette].zip 11.80 KB
Sports Spectacular (1987)(Keypunch Software)(US)[disk].zip 32.47 KB
Springer (1983)(Tigervision)(US)[cartridge].zip 9.13 KB
Spy Hunter (1984)(Sega - US Gold)(GB-US)[disk].zip 16.41 KB
Spy Hunter (1984)(Sega)(US)[cartridge].zip 11.94 KB
Spy Hunter (1985)(US Gold)(GB)[cassette].zip 14.85 KB
Spy Master (1993)(L.K. Avalon)(PL)[disk].zip 39.47 KB
Spy Strikes Back, The (1983)(Penguin Software)(US)[disk].zip 10.41 KB
Spy vs. Spy (1984)(First Star Software)(US)[disk].zip 35.80 KB
Spy vs. Spy (1986)(Databyte)(GB)[disk].zip 40.66 KB
Spy vs. Spy (1989)(Hi-Tec Software)(GB)[cassette].zip 26.66 KB
Spy vs. Spy I + II (1986)(Avantage Software)(US)[disk].zip 70.86 KB
Spy vs. Spy Trilogy (1988)(Databyte)(GB)[cassette].zip 98.85 KB
Spy vs. Spy Trilogy (1988)(Databyte)(GB)[disk].zip 125.08 KB
Spy vs. Spy Vol. II - The Island Caper (1985)(Databyte)(GB)[disk].zip 49.18 KB
Spy vs. Spy Vol. II - The Island Caper (1985)(First Star Software)(US)[disk].zip 40.46 KB
Spy vs. Spy Vol. III - Arctic Antics (1986)(Databyte)(GB)[disk].zip 44.85 KB
Spy vs. Spy Vol. III - Arctic Antics (1987)(Epyx)(US)[disk].zip 41.74 KB
Spy's Demise (1983)(Penguin Software)(US)[disk].zip 9.17 KB
Spy's Demise + The Spy Strikes Back (1985)(Electric Dreams)(GB)[cassette].zip 15.56 KB
Spy's Demise + The Spy Strikes Back (1985)(Electric Dreams)(GB)[disk].zip 19.66 KB
Squish 'Em (1983)(Sirius Software)(US)[cartridge].zip 3.06 KB
Stack Up (1992-10)(L.K. Avalon)(PL)(en)[cassette].zip 12.48 KB
Stack Up (1995)(KE-Soft)(DE)[disk].zip 13.12 KB
Stage Coach Shootout (1983)(ALA Software)(US)[disk].zip 16.11 KB
Star Fleet I - The War Begins! v2.1 (1985)(Cygnus)(US)[disk].zip 65.66 KB
Star Fleet I - The War Begins! v2.1 (1986)(Interstel)(US)[disk].zip 63.73 KB
Star Flite (1986)(Prism Leisure Corporation)(GB)[cassette].zip 13.16 KB
Star Island (1982)(Stedek Software)(US)[disk].zip 9.02 KB
Star League Baseball (1983)(Gamestar)(US)[cassette].zip 15.05 KB
Star League Baseball (1983)(Gamestar)(US)[disk].zip 18.79 KB
Star Maze (1984)(Roklan)(US)[cartridge].zip 9.74 KB
Star Raiders (1979)(Atari)(US)[cartridge].zip 6.78 KB
Star Raiders (1987)(Atari)(GB)[cassette].zip 7.66 KB
Star Raiders II (1985)(Atari)(US)[disk].zip 21.37 KB
Star Raiders II (1987)(Atari)(US)[cartridge].zip 15.21 KB
Star Sentry (1982)(ANALOG Software)(US)[disk].zip 21.54 KB
Star Trek - Strategic Operations Simulator (1983)(Sega)(US)[cartridge].zip 10.28 KB
Star Trux (1982)(Atari)(US)[cartridge].zip 5.51 KB
Star Voyage Series, The (1985)(CodeWriter)(US)[disk].zip 31.12 KB
Star Wars - Return of the Jedi - Death Star Battle (1983)(Parker Brothers)(US)[cartridge].zip 6.33 KB
Star Wars - The Arcade Game (1984)(Parker Brothers)(US)[cartridge].zip 11.23 KB
Starball (1995)(Mirage Software)(PL)[disk].zip 36.40 KB
Starbase Fighter (1983)(Gentry Software)(US)[disk].zip 9.30 KB
Starbase Hyperion (1981)(Quality Software)(US)[cassette].zip 12.97 KB
Starblade (1986)(Electric Dreams)(GB)[disk].zip 26.99 KB
Starbowl Football (1982)(Gamestar)(US)[disk].zip 15.63 KB
Starcross Rel 17 (1982)(Infocom)(US)[disk].zip 129.47 KB
Starfighters (198x)(Genesis Software)(US)[disk].zip 7.78 KB
Stargate (1984)(Atari)(US)[cartridge].zip 11.32 KB
Starion (1983)(Romox)(US)[cartridge].zip 6.61 KB
Starquake (1985)(Bubble Bus)(GB)[cassette].zip 29.63 KB
Starquake (1985)(Bubble Bus)(GB)[disk].zip 31.58 KB
Starquest - Rescue at Rigel (1981)(Epyx)(US)[disk].zip 38.48 KB
States and Capitals (1980)(Atari)(US)[cassette].zip 11.77 MB
States, Capitals and Landmarks (198x)(Main Street Publishing)(US)[disk].zip 21.54 KB
Stealth (1984)(Broderbund Software)(US)[disk].zip 42.56 KB
Stellar Shuttle (1982)(Broderbund Software)(US)[a][disk].zip 8.40 KB
Stellar Shuttle (1982)(Broderbund Software)(US)[cassette].zip 5.42 KB
Stellar Shuttle (1982)(Broderbund Software)(US)[disk].zip 11.83 KB
Steve Davis Snooker (1985)(CDS Software)(GB)[disk].zip 23.42 KB
Steve Davis Snooker (198x)(Blue Ribbon Software)(GB)[cassette].zip 11.02 KB
Stickybear ABC, The (1984)(Weekly Reader Family Software)(US)[disk].zip 41.27 KB
Stickybear Numbers (1982)(Weekly Reader Family Software)(US)[disk].zip 33.08 KB
Stock Analysis (1981)(Atari)(US)[disk].zip 74.20 KB
Stock Charting (1980)(Atari)(US)[disk].zip 59.18 KB
Stock Market (1984)(Acorn Software)(US)[disk].zip 33.14 KB
Stone of Sisyphus, The (1982)(Adventure International)(US)[disk].zip 68.66 KB
Storm (1987)(Mastertronic)(GB)[cassette].zip 23.10 KB
Story Machine (1983)(Spinnaker Software)(US)[cartridge].zip 8.09 KB
Stratos (1982)(Adventure International)(US)[disk].zip 10.97 KB
Streets (1993)(L.K. Avalon)(PL)[disk].zip 28.55 KB
Strip Poker (1983)(Artworx)(US)[a][disk].zip 64.13 KB
Strip Poker (1983)(Artworx)(US)[disk].zip 64.47 KB
Submarine Commander (1982)(Thorn EMI)(GB)[cartridge].zip 8.65 KB
Summer Games (1984)(Epyx)(US)[disk].zip 94.70 KB
Summer Games (1984)(US Gold)(GB)[disk].zip 69.16 KB
Summer Games (1988)(Atari)(US)[cartridge].zip 66.58 KB
Sun Star (1986)(CRL)(GB)[a][disk].zip 15.61 KB
Sun Star (1986)(CRL)(GB)[disk].zip 13.34 KB
Super Archiver v3.x2UK (19xx)(Computerhouse)(GB)[disk].zip 43.42 KB
Super Boulder Dash (1986)(Electronic Arts)(US)[disk].zip 54.73 KB
Super Breakout (1979)(Atari)(US)[cartridge].zip 2.79 KB
Super Bunny (1983)(Datamost)(US)[disk].zip 40.69 KB
Super Cobra (1983)(Parker Brothers)(US)[cartridge].zip 6.16 KB
Super Fortuna (1993-06)(Mirage Software)(PL)[cassette].zip 55.33 KB
Super Huey (1986)(Cosmi)(US)[disk].zip 21.17 KB
Super Huey (198x)(US Gold)(GB)[disk].zip 22.24 KB
Super Pac-Man (1984)(Atari)(US)[cartridge].zip 23.19 KB
Super Zaxxon (1983)(Sega)(US)[cartridge].zip 12.06 KB
Super Zaxxon (1983)(Sega)(US)[disk].zip 17.52 KB
Superclone (1982)(Frontrunner Computer Industries)(US)[disk].zip 29.04 KB
Superman - The Game (1986)(Main Street Publishing)(US)[disk].zip 36.05 KB
Superman - The Game (1986)(Prism Leisure Corporation)(GB)[cassette].zip 21.00 KB
Superman III (1983)(Atari)(US)[cartridge].zip 10.22 KB
Superscript v112085 (1985)(Precision Software)(GB)[disk].zip 100.10 KB
Survivor (1982)(Synapse Software)(US)[disk].zip 40.77 KB
Survivors (1987)(Atlantis Software)(GB)[cassette].zip 8.54 KB
Suspect Rel 14 (1984)(Activision)(GB)[disk].zip 185.15 KB
Suspect Rel 14 (1984)(Infocom)(US)[disk].zip 185.49 KB
Suspended Rel 5 (1983-02-22)(Infocom)(US)[disk].zip 73.68 KB
Suspended Rel 8 (1983-05-21)(Infocom)(US)[disk].zip 123.91 KB
SynAssembler (1982)(Synapse Software)(US)[disk].zip 23.19 KB
SynCalc (1985)(Synapse Software)(US)[disk].zip 94.81 KB
SynCalc Templates Disk (1985)(Synapse Software)(US)[disk].zip 41.83 KB
SynFile+ v1.00 (1983)(Synapse Software)(US)[disk].zip 152.81 KB
SynFile+ v1.01 (1983)(Synapse Software)(US)[disk].zip 179.58 KB
SynFile+ v1.02 (1983)(Synapse Software)(US)[a][disk].zip 134.46 KB
SynFile+ v1.02 (1983)(Synapse Software)(US)[disk].zip 180.28 KB
System Master Diskette - DOS XL v2.20 (1983)(Indus Systems)(US)[disk].zip 25.74 KB
System Master Diskette - DOS XL v2.35I1 (1983)(Indus Systems)(US)[disk].zip 35.48 KB
System Master Diskette - DOS XL v2.35I2 (1983)(Indus Systems)(US)[disk].zip 29.58 KB
T-34 - The Battle (1994)(A.N.G. Software)(NL)[disk].zip 114.97 KB
T.A.C. (1983)(Avalon Hill)(US)[disk].zip 36.17 KB
T.G.I.F. (1983)(Avalon Hill)(US)[disk].zip 28.63 KB
TOP-DOS v1.5a (1985)(Eclipse Software)(US)[disk].zip 45.63 KB
Table Football (1987)(Budgie)(GB)[cassette].zip 6.51 KB
Tac-Tic (1992)(KE-Soft)(DE)[disk].zip 52.19 KB
Tail of Beta Lyrae, The (1983)(Datamost)(US)[disk].zip 43.25 KB
Tales of Dragons & Cavemen (1986)(AMC-Verlag)(DE)[disk].zip 32.76 KB
Tanks (1991)(Mirage Software)(PL)[disk].zip 25.74 KB
Tapper (1984)(Sega - US Gold)(GB-US)[disk].zip 33.25 KB
Tapper (1985)(US Gold)(GB)[cassette].zip 13.16 KB
Tax Advantage, The v83.00 (1983)(Continental Software)(US)[disk].zip 69.71 KB
Tax Dodge (1982)(Island Graphics)(US)[disk].zip 12.67 KB
Teacher Killer (1994)(Sikor Soft)(PL)[a][disk].zip 44.87 KB
Teacher Killer (1994)(Sikor Soft)(PL)[disk].zip 35.45 KB
Teasers by Tobbs v1.0 (1983)(APX)(US)[disk].zip 35.63 KB
Technicolor Dream (1986)(Red Rat Software)(GB)[disk].zip 56.92 KB
Tecno-Ninja (1990-04)(KE-Soft)(DE)[disk].zip 45.01 KB
Tele-Talk (1982)(Datasoft)(US)[disk].zip 11.10 KB
TeleTari (1983)(Don't Ask Software)(US)[disk].zip 13.99 KB
Telelink I (1980)(Atari)(US)[cartridge].zip 1.60 KB
Telelink II (1982)(Atari)(US)[cartridge].zip 6.21 KB
Telly Turtle (1983)(Carousel Software)(US)[disk].zip 13.50 KB
Temple of Apshai Trilogy (1985)(Epyx)(US)[disk].zip 40.25 KB
Temple of Apshai Trilogy (1985)(Rushware)(DE)[disk].zip 40.15 KB
Terminal Emulator v3.1 (1982)(APX)(US)[cassette].zip 5.90 KB
Terminator (1993)(Domain Software)(PL)[disk].zip 51.59 KB
Tetrad (1983)(Hayden Software)(US)[disk].zip 11.29 KB
Text Wizard v1.3 (1981)(Datasoft)(US)[disk].zip 19.79 KB
Text-Pro II + Data-Pro II (1985)(Cosmi)(US)[disk].zip 24.71 KB
Thrax Lair (1982)(Rantom Software)(US)[cassette].zip 7.39 KB
Threshold (1982)(Sierra On-Line)(US)[disk].zip 22.88 KB
Thrust (1986)(Firebird)(GB)[cassette].zip 10.85 KB
Thunderfox (1988)(Atari)(US)[cartridge].zip 20.77 KB
Timebound (1984)(CBS Software)(US)[cartridge].zip 9.73 KB
Timeslip (1990)(Byte Back)(GB)[cassette].zip 16.33 KB
Timewise (1982)(Atari)(US)[disk].zip 20.98 KB
Tink! Tonk! - Tink's Adventure (1984)(Mindscape)(US)[disk].zip 38.16 KB
Tink! Tonk! - Tinka's Mazes (1984)(Mindscape)(US)[disk].zip 66.11 KB
Tink! Tonk! - Tonk in the Land of the Buddy Bots (1984)(Mindscape)(US)[disk].zip 39.29 KB
Tink! Tonk! - Tuk Goes to Town (1984)(Mindscape)(US)[disk].zip 42.35 KB
Tiny Tots (1985)(Athena Software)(US)[disk].zip 36.16 KB
Titan (1990)(Atlantis Software)(GB)[cassette].zip 27.00 KB
Toboggan Run (1983)(ALA Software)(US)[disk].zip 12.95 KB
Tomahawk (1986)(Digital Integration)(GB)[disk].zip 47.88 KB
Tomahawk (1987)(Datasoft)(US)[disk].zip 38.67 KB
Tomahawk (1990)(Byte Back)(GB)[cassette].zip 32.07 KB
Top Gunner Collection (1986)(MicroProse Software)(US)[disk].zip 68.25 KB
Topografie Europa (1986)(Radarsoft)(NL)[cassette].zip 15.17 KB
Topper (1982)(Romox)(US)[cartridge].zip 7.59 KB
Touchdown Football (1986)(Ariolasoft)(GB)[disk].zip 35.69 KB
Touchdown Football (1986)(Electronic Arts)(US)[disk].zip 34.53 KB
Track & Field (1984)(Atari)(US)[cartridge].zip 11.51 KB
Track Attack (1982)(Broderbund Software)(US)[a][disk].zip 12.27 KB
Track Attack (1982)(Broderbund Software)(US)[disk].zip 12.29 KB
Trailblazer (1986)(Mindscape)(US)[disk].zip 16.84 KB
Train Dispatcher (1983)(Signal Computer Consultants)(US)[disk].zip 30.95 KB
Transdisk v4.2 (1988)(Page 6 Software)(GB)[disk].zip 33.88 KB
Transmuter (1987)(Code Masters)(GB)[cassette].zip 21.34 KB
Trap-a-Zoid (1983)(DesignWare)(US)[disk].zip 42.36 KB
Triad (1982)(Adventure International)(US)[disk].zip 29.26 KB
Tricky Tutorial #04 - Basics of Animation (1981)(Santa Cruz Software)(US)[cassette].zip 16.29 KB
Triple Pack (1986)(Access Software)(US)[disk].zip 120.55 KB
Trivia Quest (1984)(Royal Software)(US)[disk].zip 167.55 KB
Trivia Quest Utility Editor (1984)(Royal Software)(US)[disk].zip 86.32 KB
Trivial Pursuit (1983)(Domark)(GB)[cassette].zip 146.00 KB
Trivial Pursuit (1983)(Domark)(GB)[disk].zip 158.53 KB
Tron - Cykl świetlny (1993-06)(Mirage Software)(PL)[cassette].zip 23.33 KB
Tron - Cykl świetlny (1993-06)(Mirage Software)(PL)[disk].zip 25.82 KB
Tron - Cykl świetlny (1994)(A.N.G. Software)(NL)[disk].zip 28.69 KB
Trust (1983)(Rantom Software)(US)[cassette].zip 10.46 KB
Tube Baddies (1995)(Gore, Richard)(GB)[disk].zip 21.54 KB
Tumble Bugs (1982)(Datasoft)(US)[disk].zip 10.39 KB
Turbican (1993)(ASF s.c.)(PL)[disk].zip 47.50 KB
Turmoil (1982)(Sirius Software)(US)[cartridge].zip 3.17 KB
Turtle Tracks (1984)(Scholastic)(US)[disk].zip 17.37 KB
Twilight World (1986)(Atari)(GB)[cassette].zip 15.06 KB
Typesetter (1985)(XLEnt Software)(US)[disk].zip 84.13 KB
Typo Attack (1984)(Atari)(US)[cartridge].zip 4.72 KB
U.S.A.A.F. v1.1 (1985)(SSI)(US)[disk].zip 126.11 KB
Ultima I (1983)(Sierra On-Line)(US)[disk].zip 66.46 KB
Ultima II - Revenge of the Enchantress (1983)(Sierra On-Line)(US)[disk].zip 60.98 KB
Ultima II - Revenge of the Enchantress (198x)(Aackosoft)(NL)[disk].zip 45.04 KB
Ultima III - Exodus (1983)(Origin Systems)(US)[disk].zip 51.66 KB
Ultima IV - Quest of the Avatar (1985)(Origin Systems)(US)[a][disk].zip 155.68 KB
Ultima IV - Quest of the Avatar (1985)(Origin Systems)(US)[disk].zip 149.18 KB
Ultra Menu-DOS, The (1985)(Computer Software Services)(US)[disk].zip 18.14 KB
Universal Hero (1987)(Mastertronic)(GB)[cassette].zip 29.52 KB
Universe v1.2 (1984)(Omnitrend)(US)[disk].zip 174.64 KB
Universe v1.3 (1984)(Omnitrend)(US)[disk].zip 246.18 KB
Up'n Down (1984)(Sega - US Gold)(GB-US)[disk].zip 21.38 KB
Up'n Down (1984)(Sega)(US)[cartridge].zip 10.28 KB
Up'n Down (1985)(US Gold)(GB)[cassette].zip 12.33 KB
Utilities II (19xx)(Computer Palace)(US)[disk].zip 46.63 KB
Utility #1 (19xx)(Computer Palace)(US)[disk].zip 37.01 KB
V - Handler (1985)(Nite Lite Systems)(US)[disk].zip 3.92 KB
V.C. (1982)(Avalon Hill)(US)[disk].zip 84.61 KB
Vegas Jackpot (1986)(Mastertronic)(GB)[cassette].zip 8.76 KB
Video Easel (1980)(Atari)(US)[cartridge].zip 2.92 KB
Video Poker + Vegas Jackpot (1986)(Mastertronic)(US)[disk].zip 31.71 KB
Video Title Shop (1986)(Datasoft)(US)[disk].zip 139.49 KB
Videograph v2.0C (1991-11)(Mirage Software)(PL)[cassette].zip 10.73 KB
VisiCalc v1.74a (1980)(VisiCorp)(US)[disk].zip 18.67 KB
Voice Master Junior v1.00 (1986)(Covox)(US)[disk].zip 48.85 KB
Vorrak (1983)(Avalon Hill)(US)[disk].zip 23.11 KB
WORDRACE (1982)(Don't Ask Software)(US)[disk].zip 51.00 KB
WallWar (1982)(Sierra On-Line)(US)[disk].zip 24.59 KB
War (1982)(Adventure International)(US)[disk].zip 17.70 KB
War in Russia v1.0 (1983)(SSI)(US)[disk].zip 40.77 KB
War in Russia v1.1 (1983)(SSI)(US)[disk].zip 42.36 KB
War-Copter (1989)(Byte Back)(GB)[cassette].zip 18.04 KB
WarGames (1984)(Coleco)(US)[disk].zip 25.79 KB
Wargame Construction Set v1.0 (1986)(SSI)(US)[disk].zip 69.53 KB
Wargame Construction Set v1.1 (1986)(SSI)(US)[disk].zip 79.61 KB
Warlock's Revenge (1982)(Synergistic Software)(US)[disk].zip 62.72 KB
Warlok (1983)(Calisto Software)(GB)[disk].zip 19.35 KB
Warp Speed Software v5 (1983)(Happy Computers)(US)[disk].zip 42.57 KB
Warp Speed Software v6.6 (1983)(Happy Computer)(US)[disk].zip 20.29 KB
Warp Speed Software v7.10 (1986)(Happy Computers)(US)[disk].zip 91.90 KB
Warrior of RAS #4 - Ziggurat (1982)(ScreenPlay)(US)[disk].zip 21.24 KB
Warship (1986)(SSI)(US)[disk].zip 70.91 KB
Wavy Navy (1983)(Sirius Software)(US)[disk].zip 20.15 KB
Wayout (1982)(Sirius Software)(US)[disk].zip 22.84 KB
Webster - The Word Game (1983)(CBS Software)(US)[cartridge].zip 6.64 KB
Webster - The Word Game (1983)(CBS Software)(US)[cassette].zip 6.94 KB
Whistler's Brother (1984)(Broderbund Software)(US)[disk].zip 35.67 KB
Will Harvey's Music Construction Set (1984)(Electronic Arts)(US)[disk].zip 53.81 KB
Will Harvey's Music Construction Set (1985)(Ariolasoft)(GB)[disk].zip 53.69 KB
Wingman (1983)(MicroProse Software)(US)[disk].zip 31.37 KB
Winter Challenge (1988)(Thunder Mountain)(US)[disk].zip 143.86 KB
Winter Events (1988)(Anco Software)(GB)[disk].zip 56.44 KB
Winter Olympics (1987)(Tynesoft)(GB)[disk].zip 45.86 KB
Winter Wally (1986)(Alternative Software - Micro Design)(GB)[cassette].zip 5.87 KB
Wishbringer Rel 68 (1985-05-01)(Infocom)(US)[disk].zip 95.91 KB
Wishbringer Rel 69 (1985-09-20)(Infocom)(US)[disk].zip 95.75 KB
Witness, The Rel 13 (1983)(Infocom)(US)[disk].zip 74.75 KB
Wizard of Id's WizType (1984)(Sierra On-Line)(US)[disk].zip 34.20 KB
Wizard of Wor (1981)(Roklan)(US)[cartridge].zip 11.84 KB
Wizard of Wor (1981)(Roklan)(US)[disk].zip 19.56 KB
Wizard's Crown v1.0 (1986)(SSI)(US)[disk].zip 255.14 KB
Wombats I (1984)(Dynamic Software Design)(US)[disk].zip 43.49 KB
Word Flyer (1983)(Electronic Arts)(US)[disk].zip 45.57 KB
World Cup Manager (1987)(STV Software)(GB)[disk].zip 23.84 KB
World Karate Championship (1986)(Epyx)(US)[disk].zip 43.54 KB
World Soccer (1990)(Zeppelin Games)(GB)[cassette].zip 23.17 KB
World Soccer (1994)(A.N.G. Software)(NL)[disk].zip 22.13 KB
Worm War I (1982)(Sirius Software)(US)[cartridge].zip 3.19 KB
Worms (1983)(Electronic Arts)(US)[disk].zip 27.25 KB
Władca (1993)(Mirage Software)(PL)[disk].zip 76.09 KB
Władcy Ciemności (1993-05)(L.K. Avalon)(PL)[cassette].zip 49.47 KB
Włóczykij (1993)(L.K. Avalon)(PL)[disk].zip 31.33 KB
XE Term (1985)(Atari)(US)[disk].zip 35.09 KB
XEP80 Boot Disk (1987)(Atari)(US)[disk].zip 34.71 KB
Yoomp! (2007)(Self-Published)(PL)[disk].zip 50.75 KB
Your Personal Net Worth v1.1 (1985)(Scarborough Systems)(US)[disk].zip 34.94 KB
Zador (1989-08)(KE-Soft)(DE)[disk].zip 27.17 KB
Zaxxon (1983)(Datasoft - US Gold)(GB-US)[cassette].zip 14.48 KB
Zaxxon (1983)(Datasoft)(US)[a][cassette].zip 14.87 KB
Zaxxon (1983)(Datasoft)(US)[a][disk].zip 56.89 KB
Zaxxon (1983)(Datasoft)(US)[disk].zip 55.14 KB
Zaxxon (1983)(Sega)(US)[cartridge].zip 8.39 KB
Zbir (1993)(Mirage Software)(PL)[disk].zip 22.76 KB
Zebu-Land (1990-09)(KE-Soft)(DE)[disk].zip 36.50 KB
Zeilpunkt 0 Grad Nord (1990)(Secret Games)(DE)[disk].zip 115.55 KB
Zenji (1984)(Activision)(US)[cartridge].zip 6.47 KB
Zeppelin (1983)(Synapse Software)(US)[disk].zip 88.40 KB
Zero Wars (1991)(Byte Back)(GB)[cassette].zip 19.75 KB
Zestaw 86 - Chemia (1990)(Firma Komputerowa Grubcio)(PL)[cassette].zip 48.47 KB
Zeus (1993)(L.K. Avalon)(PL)[disk].zip 54.86 KB
Zombies (1983)(Bram)(US)[cassette].zip 19.77 KB
Zombies (1983)(Bram)(US)[disk].zip 24.19 KB
Zone Ranger (1984)(Activision)(US)[cartridge].zip 11.49 KB
Zone X (1985)(Gremlin Graphics)(GB)[cassette].zip 30.23 KB
Zone X (1985)(Gremlin Graphics)(GB)[disk].zip 37.96 KB
Zork I - The Great Underground Empire Rel 20 (1981)(Infocom)(US)[disk].zip 61.74 KB
Zork I - The Great Underground Empire Rel 26 (1982-08-03)(Infocom)(US)[disk].zip 58.30 KB
Zork I - The Great Underground Empire Rel 88 (1984-07-26)(Infocom)(US)[a][disk].zip 65.45 KB
Zork I - The Great Underground Empire Rel 88 (1984-07-26)(Infocom)(US)[disk].zip 65.16 KB
Zork II - The Wizard of Frobozz Rel 15 (1982)(Infocom)(US)[disk].zip 67.43 KB
Zork II - The Wizard of Frobozz Rel 19 (1982)(Infocom)(US)[disk].zip 67.58 KB
Zork II - The Wizard of Frobozz Rel 22 (1983)(Infocom)(US)[disk].zip 66.18 KB
Zork III - The Dungeon Master Rel 10 (1982)(Infocom)(US)[disk].zip 64.66 KB
Zorro (1985)(Datasoft)(US)[disk].zip 34.23 KB
Zybex (1992)(L.K. Avalon)(PL)[disk].zip 61.69 KB
Zybex (1994)(A.N.G. Software)(NL)[disk].zip 28.65 KB
fun-FORTH (1982)(APX)(US)[disk].zip 5.18 KB
pm ANIMATOR (1983)(Tronix Software)(US)[disk].zip 37.57 KB
tiny-c (1982)(OSS)(US)[disk].zip 57.12 KB
valFORTH v1.1 (1982)(Valpar International)(US)[disk].zip 63.42 KB
Świat Olkiego (1994)(StanBit)(PL)[disk].zip 31.99 KB

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