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Antic [directory]
Atari Age [directory]
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Atari Explorer [directory]
Atari Magazin [directory]
Atari ST Review [directory]
Atari ST User [directory]
Bajtek [directory]
Big K [directory]
Blip [directory]
Classic Gamer Magazine [directory]
CompuAtari [directory]
Creative Computing Video & Arcade Games [directory]
Electronic Fun with Computers & Games - Computer Fun [directory]
Electronic Games - Computer Entertainment [directory]
Electronics For Kids [directory]
Flop [directory]
Happy Computer [directory]
IO [directory]
JoyStik - How to Win at Video Games [directory]
K Power [directory]
L'Atarien [directory]
Leisure Time Electronics [directory]
Microkids [directory]
Moje Atari [directory]
Mundo Atari [directory]
New Atari User [directory]
PRO(C) ATARI Magazine [directory]
Playboy Guide Electronic Entertainment [directory]
RETURN Magazin [directory]
ROM [directory]
ST Format [directory]
Stak Magazine [directory]
Swiat Atari [directory]
TV Gamer [directory]
Turbo News [directory]
Video ('Arcade Alley' columns) [directory]
Video Games [directory]
Video Games Player - Computer Games [directory]
Videogaming Illustrated - Videogaming and Computer Gaming Illustrated - Video and Computer Gaming Illustrated [directory]
Vidiot [directory]

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