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1. Atari Club Colonia e.V. CLUB MAGAZIN [directory]
8-Bit Magazin [directory]
Arcade Express [directory]
Atari Coin Connection [directory]
Atari Computer Enthusiasts of Columbus [directory]
Atari Computer Team e.V. Bremen Nochwer [directory]
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Atari Inside [directory]
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Atari News [directory]
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CGL (Activision) Fun Club News - Activision Software Club [directory]
Challenge [directory]
CompuClub - CompuClub News [directory]
Computer Entertainer [directory]
Digital Press [directory]
I Love Atari News [directory]
Leisure Time Electronics Reports [directory]
The Adventurer [directory]
The Logical Gamer [directory]
The New Zork Times - The Status Line [directory]

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